Monday, October 26, 2009


Just watch the first 15 seconds to get an idea
of how many were actually there.
And that's just the standing room only part.

Look out here we come.
And we are ready
to R.O.C.K.

We had a blast!

Absolutely incredible.
The concert was great.
The Black Eyed Peas ROCKED.
Slash came out, he and Fergie
rocked, Sweet Child of Mine.
It was so cool.

U2 was out of this world!
Their following is amazing.
I have never seen that many people
in one place, completely rock'n out,
The crowd sung the entire beginning
Still haven't found what I'm looking for
Bono never sang a word.
That was pretty cool.

It was truly what you see in music video's.
People everywhere.
Specially the floor, standing only area.
That was insane.
A few times I reminded my hubby to
just look around and take it all in.
Nearly a 100 thousand people, thats a lot.

What a great night.
Just me and my guy.


LuLu said...

oh what fun!!! i love U2 seriously Love them!! wow!!
so glad you had a great time,

Nancy said...

Shut the door.. those pics with you and Chris.... awesome. What a great night. So glad you had that time to just ENJOY! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, Love the pics!! We were there with the family and Auntie! An amazing time!! Rylie was mesmerized by Fergie!! :0)


Gina said...

Woo Hoo! We LOVE U2! Have not seen them since I was pregnant with "A". You are so lucky to see them and have a GREAT date night! "It's a beautiful day!"

paige said...

i had so wanted to get to see them when they were here in atlanta..sigh.
love the pic of you & your sweetheart.

Haus of Girls said...

So fun! Love your pics! And thanks for the cute comment... couldn't find your email so I thought I'd leave you a message here :)

lmg said...

You guys were sitting so close to us! Darn, I wish we would have known or run into you guys. That would have been awesome! Hope all is well.
-Lori Grace (Ryan's mom)