Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maya Angelou

when you learn, teach
when you get, give

i know i've posted it before 
i just love it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Much Needed Day

After a very, very busy week. 
We had plans to visit the American Girl Doll Store on Sunday.
And it was just what we needed. 
The girls had money they had saved. 
They knew exactly how much.
and they had a great idea of what they wanted. 

love these girls with all my heart.

 they never asked for a penny more. as a matter of fact they put 2 small things back because it went over their budget. 

and yes, a little chicken dance came on in the parking lot structure.

and if we would have had more time. we would have definitely stopped here. it was a corner lot full of old props. 
i could have spent hours there i am sure.
next time.

and this place too. 
it just looked cool.

a fun day with our family. 
it was needed. 
it was enjoyed. 
it was great. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Piano Recital & Thankfulness

things can change so quickly
can't they?
we've had a few here. 
and all i can say is thank you.
thank you 
for your prayers.
thank you 
for praying for me without even 
knowing what is going on. 
thank you
 for understanding my craziness. 
thank you. 
thank you. 
thank you. 

we are happy to see that things are getting
back to normal around here. 
happy to see my girls together.
happy to see me more alive.
happy to have the most wonderful husband i know. 
he is for sure my ground, while i am his kite in a wild wind storm (yes straight from bethany's mouth, i loved it)
happy to have some amazing friends. 
thank you.
and wonderful family. 
thank you. 
thank you Mom. 

**here's what we have been up to**

the girls had a piano recital 

practicing before we left, on our new little piano 

she's strong. 
and i am so happy God chose her to be her Daddy's daughter 


they did great at the recital. 
we were very, very proud. 

i thought this had gone.
i thought their friendship had changed.
but life changed and it took awhile for 
it to come back. and i can't tell you
how incredible this was to see as i walked by 
their room. 
our girls. 
who love each other.
who spend time together. 
warms my heart. 
who read to one another.
this is who they are and i am so grateful to have it back.

and this is my girl who loves her dogs with all her heart. 

i am happy.
happy to take one day at a time.
happy to get up in the morning and take a breath. 
happy to be able to hug and hold my family. 
happy for the friendships i have.
happy for blog land, to be able to reach out to someone i have never met in person, but know i can lean on them for prayer.
happy that i am trying to lead a life full of more strength and more faith. 

thank you.

**re reading this post i realized it's kinda all over the board**
and trying to keep the normal, normal. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seems Like Yesterday

I will embrace the time that I have right now. 
The time I have today. 

It feels like yesterday she got a new bike.

and now she's riding mine. 
easy. no problem.

a season goes by and whalah, you've grown.

what a joy to see the changes. 
the growth. 
and as i say it is a joy, i will say there is a part
of me that is a little sad. 
a part of me that wants them to stay little. 
a part of me that just wants to stop time and hold em'
just hold em'
hold em' lots
love em'
love em' lots
but i can't, so i will enjoy the changes (try to)
stay calm (try to)
listen (try to) 
hold em'
and love em' 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting some Fresh Air

remote control jeep at the park
the sun out
and a huge smile

a little balancing 

a little jumping

finding some ladybugs

and needed.

Monday, March 7, 2011

We Partied

oh yes we did. 

you might be to young to remember the tray game. 
you fill up a tray full of things. let the girls study it, then take it away and they have to write down all the things they remember they've seen. it was fun. and interesting what they remembered. 

we made feather flower head bands. 

we made rainbow stripped canvas'

we made a love banner

we also made rainbow necklaces.

good girls. 
fun times.
wonderful memories.
one tired mama. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


love the new.

hope you do too!