Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day One and Two

The first day they created cool totes. 
Helping one another, so cool!

They also created the flower embellishment. 
Isn't it cute?

They designed and created their own pillows.

They all turned out darling!

They started to Modge Podged Journals
(love that modge podge)

And one of their favorites is the canvas scrapbooks they are creating daily. 

The scrapbooks are so neat. 
Each are different.
Just like the girls in our camp. 
They have their own personality. 
Their own idea. 
It's so fun to see the them create. 
They compliment each other. 
They help each other. 
It's great!

More to come. 
Today is day 3. 
Gotta go get ready!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Camp Sparkle

Here is a glimpse of what's going on here

little decoration

little embellishment bar

meeting area outside

and the first day, 
a little tie dye

its fun.
its great.
the girls are awesome. 

stay tuned.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Camp Create ****Create Sparkle****

Its coming down to the wire and we are ready!
This is our 2nd year running a summer camp.
Last year was so fun.

We work so well together. 
She's organized, makes list, balances the time. 
I don't.
She pre cuts everything, bags it. 
I'm don't. I pull everything together last minute. 
Its how I roll.
She's this, I'm that. 
And it works perfectly. 
I love it!

Here are a few of the decorations, one of my favorite things to do.

Love, love, love these birds!
They were fun to make. 
Found them here.

I just wanted to keep making them. 
Now, I want to try an create butterflies. 

Finally attempted a tissue paper flower. It was easy. 

This is in the center of the room with lights draping up to it. 
Might just have to leave it up for awhile. 

More to come.
Stay tuned. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday Celebration Weekend.

My family rocks. 
We had so much fun celebrating
and being together. 

Here are a few pictures from my birthday shoot. 

Crazy me, I took over 500 pictures. 
No wonder why my computer crashed. 
I take so many pictures, it didn't know what to do will all of them.

More pictures later. 

Hope your summer is off to a great one!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ready, Set, Go - Summer's Here

Summer has officially started. 
School is out and we are ready to have some fun.
Create some memories.

Going to see
her, woo-hoo

Can't wait!!!
Should be so much fun.
Someone's turning 40 in a few days, 
her yummy hubby bought her tickets for a girls night out. 
Pretty cool, huh.

Girls are reading and writing 
and loving it.
Yes, I know first day off and this is what they do. 
Crazy huh!

They actually slept in until 7.
Got up and looked for their new books.

They write.
A lot. I think they got it from their Daddy.
And up until now they have had little journals, here and there. 
They seemed to jump around from one to another.
Thinking I would love for them to have one special journal to start with
and continue with, I bought them journals, pencils and pens for a
a little end of the year gift. 
They love them. 

Got this note minutes later. 

Shopping for journals, oh my goodness. 
It was so fun!
There so many great ones. 
I could have bought dozens.

Here are a few of my favorites

All available here

Happy Summer.
Its here. I'm so happy.
Camping. Bike riding. Popsicles. Picnics. Staying up late.
The joys of summer. 

And remember my hard drive crashed, lost all my photos. 
Well the recovery data man is working on it. 
Going to be lots of money, but for me, worth it. 
I started finding old sd cards around the house. 
This was one of the pictures I found of the girls one summer.

aw, they were so young and little

**have you backed up your photos?
**more then one way?
Come on now. Don't let what happen to me happen to you.
If you haven't, please do.
Thank you.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guest Blogger Today

Later today, be sure to check it out!
I am a guest blogger here, 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bloggers Guide To Summer

Today starts my friend Heather's

"Bloggers Guide To Summer"

Fun ideas. Great giveaways. 
You won't want to miss it!
Be sure to stop by. 

Bless Little Nest

Julie from Joy's Hope is todays guest.

She's so awesome. You'll love her idea. And her give a way. 


Taking my hard drive in to a recovery doctor.
I thought they had recovered everything, 
Yah, not even close. 
Yes, I am grateful or what
was recovered but all of this year, gone. 
Kindergarten, and 2nd grade memories, gone.
And the year before, gone. 
Ok. Deal with it. 
Nothing I can do. 
People are tired of hearing about it!
Whew, ok, no more. I promise. 

* I forgot to share. 
I called Leo Laport, "The Tech Guy", yesterday, 640am talk radio. 
They put my call through. 
As I talked on the radio my hubby and kids listened to it 
in the other room. I sounded like a complete ninnie. 
Oh well, he did
suggest a few things, 
 an off site storage site. 
They have different plans.
Different storage rates, but for sure one of the highest recommended. 
I am already signed up and have already downloaded most of my photos. 
He also suggested to have many different storage sites. 
If you are nuts about photos as much as I am, do it now. 
Don't wait. Don't hesitate. 
Just do it!!!!

Go now. 
 Blessed Little Nest
all week. 
I'll be there Wednesday. 
Giving one of these away.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Back

First I have to share a few pictures with you.
This is what happens when you send your kid
to an awesome party with a kid run snow cone machine.
They probably served her 4 or 5 and when she got home.
This was just one of the outfits she came up with.

We laughed.

and laughed some more.

photos like these are priceless

We'll, I'm back.
Although I am not sure anyone missed me, I am back, and happy to be. 
My computer crashed. Lost everything. 
My hard drive and my external hard drive. 
Both were not working. 
2 tech's put failed post on it, 
and was ready to call me and say their was nothing they could do.
But, because of one tech, OnE AmAzInG tech
all was restored. 
She couldn't get my sobbing, snot running face out of her head the
day I dropped it off. 
I cared about nothing, no documents, favorites, invoices, emails, 
nothing, all I cared about was the hundreds (ok thousands) of photos
I had. They were/are my kids life in pictures up until now.
 Their memories, their funny moments, 
their sad moments, EvErYtHiNg was on there. 
What did I learn in all this?
* there are still good people out there. 
people that will go the to the next step just because they should.
I learned not matter what kind of computer you have
* to back up my photos more then one way. 
* and to print them. I never do. 
But boy, watch me now!

There is a new summer piece at SoSoBella Designs . 
We love it!

Also comes in an adult size!

Summer's a comin'
can. not. wait.

oh, oh, oh, I almost forgot.
visit my friend here 
The Summer Guide
Guest Bloggers
And GREAT giveaways.
You won't want to miss it!!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Computer crashed. Hope to be back soon.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Race To Nowhere

Have you ever seen this? 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


lean on each other. 
encourage one another.
pray together.
love each other. 
laugh together.
create memories.
listen to each other.
hold her head in your lap when she's are crying so hard she doesn't know what to do.
give each other comfort.
be there for one another.
call on the phone just to say hello.
help each other.
you'll be glad you did!


oh how i love mine.
cherish yours. 
you'll be glad you did. 
they are the best. 

i hope the two of you are friends forever. 


my prayer is that you have friends, like this, forever. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

4 Day Weekend. Me Like!

What a fun weekend. 
4 days off. 
Time together. 
Time with friends. 
I got to take a class, learn new things. 

On Saturday we knew we wanted to do 
something but didn't know what. 

So we started off here. My favorite, favorite sandwich shop.

Then we drove a little bit more.
And ended up...

at American Girl Doll Store
It was the girls first time.
And they had no idea we were headed there.
and quite honestly neither did I until
about 1/2 before we left. 
It was great. 
They screamed back and forth when they saw the store. 
They were so excited. 
It was fun

Then we drove around Hollywood. 
Crazy fun.
People dressed up as characters. 
We cracked up. 
And had fun picking them out in the crowd.


We saw theaters.

and on the way home. this is what I turned around to.
2 tired girls who had a great day full of surprises.