Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We are thankful.
For those who are fighting. 
For those who have fought. 

We pray for all.

And for the babies and kids who's parents are
away from home. 

Today. We thank them.
And pray for them.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Sweet Child

I have always been involved with direct sells. 
I worked with a rubber stamp company for years. 
I loved the home parties.
 I loved showing new techniques. 
Love seeing the look on someone's face after they created something really cool. 
It was years of fun. 
And out of that company I created
wonderful friendships and was inspired by many. 

Then right around my first being born I heard about a new company getting ready 
to launch. And I knew right away I wanted to be a part of it. 
Mainly because of this box.

Not only did I love the look of it, I absolutely loved what it was created for. 
Here is what the tag reads that comes with it, 

- Every year, on his or her birthday, write your child or grandchild a letter expressing how much they mean to you and highlight some of the funny and sweet things they did that year. Place it in an ivory booklet (21 included) with some photographs and store them in this beautiful box. Begin to mail each letter 21 days before their 21st birthday, with the last letter and the box arriving on the big day. This will be one of the most treasured gifts they will ever receive.

First of all, how easy is that. Once a year, totally do able. 
Then the idea of mailing it to them, 21 days in a row. Can you even 
imagine the pure joy of sending them and knowing they will have something
in writing for all those years. Pictures, memories, special times, notes... oh my goodness. 
absolutely wonderful. 
And a safe place to store it. So cool!

Even if you don't mail it like suggested. 
What if you saved it. 
Gave it to them on another special day. 
What if you have a son and you gave it to your daughter n law to be someday. 
At her bridal shower. Can  you even stand it! 
Can you imagine having something about your husband in writing from his years 
growing up. Nothing to crazy. Some booklets, with pictures, writings. 

one of her kinder drawings

I even mailed one to her. 
Wrote it, put it in the envelope, sealed it and mailed it. 
I thought it would be fun to see the postage years from now. And honestly
I have no idea what I wrote or what pictures are in there. It will be fun to 
see it someday. 

I also wrote the words to one of my favorite songs to them. The booklets
are so easy to write in. There is just enough room. Wrote the song, added a few 
pictures, perfect! I hope that they read that song over and over (and over).

Its easy. Its fun.
You may write in a journal to your kids. 
You may blog for your kids. 
You may write letters too. 
But whatever you do, how wonderful it is that you do it. 
And if you don't. 
Let this inspire you to. Its never to late. 
Let them know (at any age) how proud you are of them.
How much you love them. 
Grab a few pieces of card stock, staple them together like a book.
Write a few things, add some pictures, and wahla you have done 
something that didn't take a lot of time but took a lot of love. 
And forever it will be there for them.

created this today.
inspired, thought of, created by this gal.
love it!
available here

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There's not a Day that Goes By

That these girls don't make me SmiLe
They bring such a huge joy to my life sometimes its hard to articulate.
And the fact that they have each other even brings me more joy. 

they laugh together

I mean they really laugh together
they were busting at the seams

they are listening to recordings of themselves on my phone

and this one had her last of the year violin performance
she was wonderful

and its the simplest things that make me smile and giggle.
this one for the first time wore flats to school instead of converse or vans

when i check on them at night before I go to bed
when I look at them sleeping 
I get butterflies in my tummy for a second
I bend down and kiss their arm, their hand, and sometimes there check if I can reach.
and I walk out with a smile on my face, full of contentment, full of joy.
full of love. 
completely full. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Making Decisions, Getting Ready

This is a sample of one of our creations.
It is going to be SO much FuN!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Playing Catch Up

and with my personality it can be a forever task. 
I tend to jump from one thing to another
from one room to another
even from one thought to another. 
so, i've just been trying to clean up and catch up.
also planning another summer with

Camp CreAte
summer of SpaRKle
more to come on that. 
we are So excited!!!!

We've wrapped up birthday season around here. 
Just have one more coming up soon....hmmmmm who's could that be
oh, ya, its mine.
and its a big one. 
i guess. 
i mean, it could be. 
to most it is. 
to me, i'm not sure yet. 
but i'm ready. 
what am i going to do, right?
embrace it. 
hope/wish that i was 10 pounds lighter. 
thats all.
i know that i will be on a little summer vacation
so that will be nice. 
with my family. 
who i love. and are super cool to be around. 
so, it'll be fun. 
for sure. 

here are a few pieces that i have been playing around with. 
mixing metals, colors, textures, i like it. 
what do yo think? 

They'll be listed here soon. 

Hope your week so far has be great. 
I am ready for Friday. 
Ready for the Weekend. 

Got any plans? 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We Celebrated

For me it is just as fun to create, decorate and pull it all together
(the night before or the day of)
as it is to actually party. 
Wrapping up the birthday season around here, we celebrated.
We had fun. 
They ran. They played. They jumped. They swung. 
They had fun.

Our theme was Owls. 
The cute, fun, whimsical Owl. 
Here is a taste of what it looked like.

Main Center Piece, thank you Marshalls

Favors: journals, stickers and wooden owl to color, all in the same line, thank you craft store

How many licks does it take to eat a tootsie pop?

wrapped cupcakes to take home, thank you costco & smart n final

center pieces. we took pictures throughout the party with our intax camera (love that thing)
and then posted the pictures on the pink polka dotted cards. 
then gave the pictures to take home

and how cute is this little number.
a must for the birthday girl.
Small, dainty, whimsical, cute little owl.
 now available here.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Mothers Day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Morning I Prayed, We Prayed

i prayed for STRENGTH and COURAGE for them
i prayed for closure for me

we prayed for our health and for others
for our safety, and others safety
we prayed for focus 
we prayed for our family
we prayed for jobs
we prayed for our friends and relationships
we prayed for ours

i am so happy we can pray

i am so happy i can pray, really pray. by myself, out load, from my heart. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Its always more fun with a friend

we met at the beach
we both had our kids
we both had our cameras
and we took pictures.
it was fun.
we laughed.
we got creative.
we fell more in love with our kids

isn't it always better with a friend
i think so.
here's a few pictures i captured

beautiful day.
beautiful kids. 
sweet moments.
captured forever. 
photos of them. 
being silly

it was fun.
and even better because i did it with a friend.

Monday, May 3, 2010