Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Hand Stamped Necklace Pieces

so happy to have a few new
pieces to add to

our new banner bracelet
love it!

baseball leather bracelet

our new long rectangle tag

new font

new short rectangles 

and finally our new rimmed tags

all available at

Friday, March 16, 2012

Our New Pup

here's what we've been up to
love'n this little girl
she is seriously the best puppy
she is 2 months old
she's sweet
has a little spunk
and when you hold her 
she melts in your hands

the girls named her charley

we have no idea what she is 
some kind of terrier mix
we are thinking
wheaten terrier
and poodle
or carin terrier 
and poodle
but what ever she is 
she is sweet as pie
and we are in love

i'm telling you 
as soon as you hold her
she becomes a wet noodle 

easy breezy 
sweet girl
couldn't be happier

do you have a dog?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

It was a Magical Birthday Setting

well, the girls didn't know it 
but i did
the setting was nothing but magical
it was delightful
however, i don't think any of the girls looked up
and i don't blame them
they are 10 year olds looking to have some laughs
and good times
here is what it looked like

preparing place cards for the guest

craft bar
they created glitter initials

leather bracelets
and a sparkly name banner
only bummer is, i was a one man show and didn't get
one single picture of them with their creations

inside the tent

birthday girl seeing it for the first time

girls crafting

getting happy birthday sung to her

you can't tell
you had to be there
but at night
with all this lit up
it was amazing
"the holiday"
i wanted to sleep underneath it 
but hubby thought it might be to cold

and while this magical setting was being created
my family fell in love with 
and yes, she is now a part of our family

more on that later 
happy weekend to you 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What has been going on, in Pictures

girls got their hair cut
super fun
freaked out for a sec
then fell in love quickly

celebrated this kids bday
super fun

love her

took some new photos of pieces we create

 this is new too


now getting ready for the fun friend celebration this weekend
can't wait
starting today 
getting things in order 
and ready
seems like i always wait til' the last minute
but. but. 
i seem to always pull it off
it's just how i work