Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Teacher Luncheon Decorations

 i had so much fun decorating for the 
teacher luncheon
and i did it all for around $50
not bad eh'

colorful baskets 2 for a $1
can't beat that!
paper lunch bags wrapped around

lunch bag banner
easy peazy

of course my little helper

craft color paper for table cloths

making the best of our space since our school
is under construction
ignore the boxes in the back

love the banner!

flowers from home depot
bought anything under $3.00
paper doilies from the dollar store

i hope they enjoy their lunch
i am headed back soon to pick winners for the basket flowers

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Complete Randomness

hello cute doggie and loving owners

hello silly girl (always)

hello leather that i love

hello cricut that is being put to use this week

hello teacher appreciation week banner

hello happy day!!!
(easiest banner of all to make)

have a super day

Friday, May 4, 2012

Random Friday Instagram Photos

pool party
please sun, say hello
come out and play

alligator relays

beach ball catch

maybe a little hoop


hanging out front

i think she thinks she's a cat some days

finally. last group of shots.
now we can FINALLY walk her.

somedays, this girl would rather stay home

and i wouldn't mind one bit :)

was given a request from a friend to create this
we just love the way it turned out

started a banner for teacher appreciation week

pray for sun for me
we are celebrating my youngest ones birthday tomorrow
pool party style

have a super duper weekend.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Celebration

awh, my sweet girl
we celebrated a birthday last weekend
so proud of this girl
so honored to be her mom
she makes me laugh
she loves to snuggle
and she loves her mama

monster high dolls given to her
my the creator himself!!!
how cool is that!!

a fun morning full of presents

i'm pretty sure those glasses were meant for her
i remember the day she picked them out
she knew EXACTLY what she wanted
no need to try anything else on
and i love them on her

the one thing she wanted to do on her birthday
was to watch films of when she was a little
it was the perfect beginning and ending of her 

then off to the beach we went 
to find sea glass

i love you girl
more then you'll ever know

completed over loaded
with love for you

and these three
they are the best!
just looking at this photo makes me smile

she makes me laugh
a lot

california chariot
from mamu and papa 
soo much fun

oh how they love you!!

in and out-check
baby films-check
now for the fun
getting ears pierced

as we walked in she kept saying
my tummy hurts
i'm nervous
but that being said she still wanted to go through with it
and she did
love these pictures

 what a great day
super fun
spent together
it was all about her
and we loved it

we are partying this weekend
rain or shine
pool party
cross your fingers for us
that at least the sun peaks through