Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Day

Isabella had a Halloween parade at school. Sophia, Chris and I went. Sophia enjoyed seeing all the different costumes from her Daddy's shoulders. Isabella had a blast parading around. It was great! We had a neighborhood party early evening, came home and stared our night. We had a blast.
Here are some pictures from our day.

Halloween Fun

Our Halloween started Tuesday with Sophia's Halloween Parade at preschool. She didn't want anything to do with parading around in front of all the families from school but she sure looked cute in her Puppy costume. I am pretty sure if her sister had been there she'd have been fine. She feels safe and secure when Isabella is around. She just adores her big sister.

A Great Start to the Holiday Season

It seems like as soon as Halloween is here, Christmas is here. In most of the stores that I went in, while they were putting out the Halloween decorations they were making room for the Christmas decorations. Crazy, but fun.
We've started off our Holiday season by going to a Pumpkin Carving Party at our friends the Madison's Home. Their daughter McKenna and Isabella (pictured together) are on the same soccer team. Her Daddy, Dave and Chris coach the team together. We had a lot of fun carving pumpkins. The whole night was great. There was laughter, fun, great food, drinks, music....good times for sure. The kids had a blast playing, laughing, running around, eating, running around, carving pumpkins, running around, did I say running around, :O) They had a so much fun.