Sunday, February 28, 2010

So Fun

Good Times

decorations were hung
(these were more for me, the paper lanterns we hung in the party room)

bags were ready to be filled

she twirled

paper doll clothes were out

birthday girl playing with the paper doll craft before the girlies arrived

the girls got right to work making their dolls
it was so fun to watch

there were searching for the perfect outfit

here is one of the creations
isn't it so cute

birthday girls creation

lots of bingo was played
we played until everyone was a winner
(more then once)

then we made bracelets or ankle bracelets
it was fun

here is one of them

we did ice cream sundaes 
so we sang happy birthday with the candles in a tub of ice cream

played a little simon says

we played a game i remember
dropping a clothes pin in a jar
it was fun, i think

great party
great girls
so fun

little bird hung in there til' the very end
then she crashed
she fell asleep within seconds
what a wonderful night
and thank you hubby for doing all that you did
u da best!

Friday, February 26, 2010

We Love Parties

 we are getting ready to celebrate around here
am i ready, no
should i be, absolutely
will i pull it all together 
for sure

we'll be crafting the night away
pieces are cut
fun new camera is ready

here is a peek at one of our crafts

we are so excited
i love throwing parties
decorating. love it!
creating crafts

so tomorrow night 
we'll be 
playing old school games
listening to fun music
and celebrating another year
she has the best little group of girlfriends
i am delighted to have them over
it will be a fun night for sure

can't wait!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Sweet, Sweet Girl...Happy Birthday

I can't explain it. 
I can't even write it.
The love, the joy this little girl brings me is beyond words. 

I love, love, love being her mom. 
She makes me laugh. 
Her energy is amazing.
She is a sweet hearted & full of love.
She's thoughtful.
She's warm. 
She's strong, yet sensitive.
She loves her family and isn't afraid to show it.
She has a place in her heart for animals. 
She's just great.

 I love her so much.

Happy Birthday
my sweet girl

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wonderful Weekend and a Beautiful Day

what a great weekend
it started off with a bang
***Blog Sugar***
with the most fun hostess ever
Rachel from No.17 Cherry Tree Lane
she's so cute
so witty
so sweet

***Blog Sugar***
don't cha just love the name

local gals getting together
all bloggers, well almost :O)
fun conversation
got to meet new gals/bloggers
came out of my little, quite box
(just a little)
yummy coffee
sweet treats
an awesome gift, thank you rachel, love it
it was cool
very cool

can't wait for the next one

we are planning a birthday party around here
so i wanted to, of course, take some pictures
mark this next milestone age
we had fun

thank you jacquie, xoxo

hope you had a great weekend
i love mondays
heres to a great monday for you

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So Proud

(her and her daddy)

of this girl

Monday, February 15, 2010


oh my gosh
no filter
pure kids
so wonderful
i believe the first word from
this sweet little girlie was

we have lots of smiles saved up for you
and there good ones too

and boy did they

true friends

what a wonderful time we had
kids being kids
mom & dad loving every minute of it

3 Daughters, One Happy Mom

a friend for over 20 years

i made her cry,
the mama of these 3 girls
it was great
and i mean that in a good way

on the fly
last minute
it was tons of fun

above, this was the first 5 seconds, it was HILARIOUS

love you guys

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Whats Going On

i haven't blogged in, f.o.r.e.v.e.r.
not sure why
haven't been too busy

just up to a
little of this

it's totally doable.
a must. easy, super easy
it's fun. shows love.
its great.
go now.
cut your hearts
do it tonight!

after dinner one night
we all sat around and wrote messages to each other
on cut out hearts
it was fun to see what each other wrote
gotta love isabella for loving herself
after she finished writing all of hers for each family member
she grabbed one for herself
love that kid
i was inspired here
(one of the reasons why i love blogland. so many ideas shared)

and a little of that

star of the week in her class
oh goodness, how i love this kid
she just makes my heart skip a beat i swear
she shared her favorites with her class
one being "The Giving Tree" as her favorite book
have you read it? if not, its a must.
its wonderful. its a great story.
her daddy gave it to me as a surprise at my bridal shower

very. very. proud of her
she did excellent

finished valentines goodies way in advance
boy doesn't that feel good

got all valentines day flip flops orders filled

guess i have been up to a lot
hope you are getting lots done
happy day to you

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweetness, pure sweetness

tell me your thoughts (please) on the last picture
do you like the soft, haze look
i love it
i just wonder how others see it
and what you think

and the winner of the flip flops
congrats. let me know what size flops you need