Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Vacation Via Instagram

our summer road trip was the best
and of course i took hundreds of photos
so the best way to share them now
is to share them via instagram

this was our 5:00am departure
girls were wide awake ready to roll

and that lasted maybe an hour 
yep, they were sound asleep

a little breakfast in a walmart parking lot
couldn't have been any better!

our first destination was San Francisco
and i (we) LOVED it

i fell in love with the door ways
oh, and the doors
i just loved them

girls got a kick out of the cable cars
that was pretty cool

and yes, before we even pulled into the hotel 
we had to do lombard street
what a cool street

you just don't see room keys like that anymore
loved it

 love my little ones face here. 
her knee was hurting her and i'm pretty sure she thought something was going to come out of that cave in the tree.

banana slug

thrifting finds that i failed to purchase and now wish i would have!!!!

headed home

photo credit to my little one
she loves hipstomatic

more photos to come
we had a wonderful time
learned some traveling tips
and how to hook & cast a fishing line