Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Camp Cre8-Create.Inspire.Connect.

it's that time of year again
and i am so excited to start planning
we have our first initial meeting today for
camp cre8
and i get to work with one of my favorite friends
camp cre8, in case you haven't heard of it before, is a
week art camp that we do every summer
we do 2 
we have daily projects that the girls bring home
and we have big projects that we work on daily
the girls use their own imagination
they create with their own creativity
last year our our theme was
don't forget to be awesome

the girls love it
and so do we
so much positive energy is going around
so many creative juices flowing
it's amazing to watch the girls work
so today is our first meeting
we have great things in mind
and we are excited
more to come if you are interested in starting your own 
camp cre8

have a great day!

Friday, April 20, 2012

a girl and her dog

she loves her dogs
always has, always will

this one is hers
of course we all share her
we all love her
but she is hers
and she loves on her more then any of us

have a wonderful weekend
i am headed out with a friend
and CAN'T wait
can't remember the last time i got out of town
fir a bit with a girlfriend
it always reminds me how good it is
to spend time with a FRIEND

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cotillion, our last one of the year

we missed a few this year
she was so happy to go one last time
it sure is fun to watch her
i stand back with a huge smile on my face

it was a costume party with the theme of harry potter
having nothing but books 
i scrambled to see what we could pull off
luckily my bestie sent me the tie
the rest was out of the closet

her younger sister cracks me up
you'll see her from time to time 
popping in photos. 

yep, there she is again

she cracks me up

such a pretty girl

and she danced all night
this was ladies choice
and she picked one of my most favorite boys

doing the swing

so fun to watch

getting their treat for the night

how cute are they
oh holy goodness
love'n it

last one for the year
wasn't sure about doing it again next year
when we got in the car 
i asked her, so are we done or would you like to do it again next year? yep, she wants to do it again next year
happy to do so

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

here's what we've been up to

new pieces we are creating for sosobella designs

enjoying our new puppy still

learning new techniques 

and enjoying every minute of it

new pieces going to retail stores

enjoying our backyard with beautiful weather

little one sporting her new hat

loving my phone camera
seriously amazing and so easy

tired girls on our way home from a mini vaca
 playing with phone apps

its rare that i have an afternoon pick me up 
but this day i needed it
and this one wanted to give it a taste

still loving our girl
how could you not

i hope the beginning of your week has been great
off to create and learn new things

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Day in a Life on my iphone

i don't know about you
but it seems that all my photos lately
are taken with my phone
and as much as i LOVE it
i'm kinda freaking out a little
i am feeling like they will live on my phone 
and not ever get printed
do any of you print photos from your phones?
if so, how and where?
my poor phone has over a thousand photos on it
crazy, isn't it?

 here are some phone photos from April of our new puppy
who is getting bigger by the day

every time i see these i think of ceasar millan telling us
that we need to 
treat a dog like a dog, not a human

and instagram
do any of you instagram?
isn't it fun
i am a visual girl so it's super great for me

happy monday to you