Monday, April 2, 2012

A Day in a Life on my iphone

i don't know about you
but it seems that all my photos lately
are taken with my phone
and as much as i LOVE it
i'm kinda freaking out a little
i am feeling like they will live on my phone 
and not ever get printed
do any of you print photos from your phones?
if so, how and where?
my poor phone has over a thousand photos on it
crazy, isn't it?

 here are some phone photos from April of our new puppy
who is getting bigger by the day

every time i see these i think of ceasar millan telling us
that we need to 
treat a dog like a dog, not a human

and instagram
do any of you instagram?
isn't it fun
i am a visual girl so it's super great for me

happy monday to you

1 comment:

Adrian said...

I just got an iPhone and I love it, especially Instagram. I'm addicted! I just used the app Postal Pix to get a couple of Instagram photos printed and I love it. Check it out for sure. I'm still trying to figure out how to find everyone on Instagram so if I don't find you, look for me...Adrian Lewis.
p.s. adorable puppy you have there.