Wednesday, September 22, 2010




–adjective, -pi·er, -pi·est.
delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person.
characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy: a happy mood; a happy frame of mind.

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what a wonderful word.

what makes you happy.
me. easy. here are a few things

*my morning commute
*my girls telling their daddy about their day
(before he even gets in the front door)
*a good sneeze
*los angeles
*paper pom poms
*a new pair of havaianas
*laying my head down at night
*good food
*our chalkboard frame
*dinner on saturday night
*my iphone
*first sip of coffee in the morning
*my home
*and so many more..........

what are the top 3, things that make you happy?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Skirball Museum-Letting Your Imagination Run WiLd

Thinking outside the box. 

I tell you, this blog world, for me, is GrEaT.
A blogger, here, posted about this museum this summer. 
And low and behold, we went. 
We had a blast. 
It was a GREAT afternoon. 
The girls loved it!
and as a matter of fact
I think we'll go back. 

lily pond. it was pretty cool. lots of bee's at work.

of course mama's gotta take pictures.

this kid has the biggest heart ever
i'll have to share a dinner conversation with you soon
you'll see what i mean.
love her to pieces

ok. we're finally in.
every guest goes in with a 2 hour limit. 
it's perfect. 

this museum 
it is created with things.
example. the owl.


a instrument case. 
old work gloves and a cabinet knob for an eyeball.
totally cool. 
the entire room was filled with incredible creations.

and it is all interactive.
the kids can touch and maneuver just about anything.

this kid figured out that by moving this slowly 
it makes this giraffe's head move

pretty cool

they had an amazing walk/crawl around, around the inside of the room. up high, along the top.
they had a blast. 
and because of the 2 hour limits, there wasn't tons of kids.
it was perfect. 

after. they found a water mister. a heavy mister.
they giggled. 
and giggled some more. 
and got soaking wet.

sometimes ya just don't know what's just outside your back door. 
so venture. 
venture out.
see what is in your town that you've never been to. 
i betcha there's some really cool things that you don't even know about. 

Happy Monday To You

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Heart Havaiana's around here.

They are pretty much our everyday shoe around here. 
Not all day, but rest assure that at some point, 
someone will have havaianas on. 
They are super comfy. 
And for me. There's nothing like a fresh pair. 
They are so cushiony. So comfy. 

So what'd we do to them. 
Added a little sparkle. 
Why not. 
Everyone should sparkle just a little bit

They are now available at 
Just click here to get yourself a pair

More colors will be arriving soon. 

the winner of our SoSoBella Dance Wrap is.....

this little crazy gal picked number 2

I swear. She cracks me up!!!

p.s. i had to share one our dance wrap customers.
she was rock'n our new camo skirt at her hip hop class!
too cute.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blog Friends & Give A Ways

I have so much fun in this blog world. 
I've met some amazing Moms/Women. 
I'd love to meet for coffee sometime with em' 
Visit. Chit chat. Share. and Laugh with.
They are inspiring in so many different ways. 
From decorating to crafting.
From mothering to mentoring. 
I am grateful for the girlies I have met for sure. 

One I met recently, 
She won me over with her blog area/nook/built in/ dream space.

isn't it just wonderful
i love everything about it

is her blog.

and she's sweet as pie. 

I contacted her to see if she'd be interested
in hosting a sosobella give a way. 
Yep, she was ready and willing. 
And I am excited!!
So visit today, tomorrow and see what we've got
in store.

Hope your day was great!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Guest Post from My Husband

American-Flag.jpg American Flag image by bellalynda

Today is Patriot Day.  It is a unique holiday because it was created out of a horrific event.  What do you say to people? Happy Patriot Day? Merry Patriot Day? Have a blessed Patriot Day?  How do you celebrate it? Wear Red, White, and Blue? Fly Old Glory on your house?

Might I suggest the following?  Today do two things: One, live your life.  Take your kids to their soccer games, go to the football game and tailgate, do your yard work and chores.  But while you are doing those things you MUST do the number two thing.  In the back of your mind give thanks and say a small prayer. 
You see today is not about us versus them.  It’s not about one culture better then another. And it is certainly not about burning holy books.  It never was and never will be.  Today it is about US.  The greatness that is our nation.  Nine years ago our backs may have been broken, BUT NOT OUR SPIRIT.  The soul of our country is in Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence.  It lives in the words of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.  We heard it from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  And President Kennedy challenged us when he asked us “What will you do for your country?”
Buildings, flags, and planes will burn, but not the spirit and soul of our nation.  What I remember the most from 9/11?  How our nation reacted in the following days.  We wept but from our tears came resolve.  We mourned, and from this grew strength.  We hated, but from this hatred a surge of Patriotism was forged.  I remember many things from those days, but one simple thing will always be etched in my mind.  A simple thing, but part of our fabric.  Baseball.  I will never forget Yankee Stadium.   The first World Series since the attacks.  A full house.  NYPD and NYFD in attendance.  And I will never forget the reaction of the crowd when President Bush threw out the first pitch.  The crowd went wild. It was electric and magical at the same time.  And it was our country’s way of saying “America is open for business.”
Nine years later our nation is divided on many things and many issues.  But today let us all put those differences aside and bond together under one flag, under one nation, celebrating our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.  So no matter what your religious, personal, or political beliefs are: I wish to say to you as one proud American to another.  Have a wonderful Patriot Day!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

And the Winners are.....

Yep, we picked 2
 9 and 11

this will be on it's way as soon as i hear from you.
thanks so much for leaving a comment. 
i am happy to create these for you. 

have wonderful weekend 
it sure is a beautiful day

thank you for your dance wrap orders

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dance Wraps Directions & Photo Shoot

If you haven't visited 
SoSoBella Dance Wraps
go today. 
Take a look around.

We had a photo shoot with our new SoSoBella Dance Wraps.
It was fun.
Here are a few shots.

red camo wrap
hip hop or jazz 

pink lace. perfect for ballet.

we love our polka dotted wrap. 
with an added flower, it makes it much more fancy.

pink plaid. one of our most popular skirts yet.

and my most favorite photo. 
they were tired.
done and ready for a promised treat, frozen yougart. 

SoSoBella Dance Wraps

k. we are giving one away.
leave a message telling me what style of dance is your favorite. 
i love it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Over

Summer that is.
Everyone is back to school today. 
The house is quite. 
It hasn't been like that in months.

I like it. I like both. 
A quite home and a crazy home. 
I enjoy having my family around.
The signing down the hall.
The make believe conversations.
The loud music and dancing.
The playful, imagination when 2 sisters play together.
The doors shutting and opening.
The yells, Maaahhhmmm I need your help.
The movement.

I like it. 

 With everyone gone it give me a chance
to see what needs to be done and what I'd like to get done.

Closets were cleaned yesterday.
Well, one was. 
1/2 of it anyway.
And 2 full plastic containers came from it.
Clothes. Clothes and more clothes. 
I can't tell you enough how wonderful it feels to look
into a clean closet. 
I love it. 
Now if I could only get to the others.
I will. 
I promise.

Here are a few things we are adding to the shop today.

sterling silver and gold vermeil 
i love the contrast

i think this one is my favorite.
3 hearts
to symbol what ever you'd like
3 kids
3 passions
2 kids and a hubby
3 loved ones
whatever fits your heart
that's what the 3 hearts symbol
i love it. 

I'd love to give one away. 
Tell me 3 things that you love.
Three things that this would/could represent. 
Give a shout out on your blog.
Then tell me, and be entered twice. 

Happy Day To You