Monday, June 29, 2009

Miscellaneous post

Hope you had a great day.
I was able to catch up on orders and do a little shopping.
I went to The Gap. Found out that all their jeans are on sale for $20.00.
Bought 2 pairs.
All are sale but one, the boyfriend jean.
Now thats a deal.

Isabella. I was playing with a new lens.
She took this pictures. Pretty clear huh.

The new kitchen is coming along great.
Painting them makes a world of difference.
I can wait to shoot it and share it with you.
Remember my knobs I ordered
I secretly think I should have gotten them in a color instead of clear.
But, they are bought and half of them are on.
And they look great.
I just need one more thing to hang and it will be finished.
But first I have to find it and paint it.
Over a year ago I found this on a blog. I love it!
If this looks familiar to any bloggers out there, please let me know who it is.
I'd love to give them credit.
I wish there was a construction salvage yard around here.
Maybe there is. I should check into it.

Due to family changes, a winner for the flops had not been picked.

We will pick a winner tomorrow afternoon.
So say hello and be entered to win.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rest In Peace Nono

Great Grandkids

Nono went to heaven yesterday. When we told the girls, Isabella said,
"Mommy, he'll get to be with his wife now"
She was excited for him. Still to young to really understand meaning of death.
And how he won't be around anymore.
We'll miss you Nono.
Give Mamu a hug for us.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Kindergarten or Bust

Sophia graduated from preschool today.
They wear the full cap and gown, its really cute.
Her daddy and sister decorated the car before we left.
Mamu & Papa were able to come for a little bit.
It was perfect.
What a wonderful day.

Just not sure where those 5 years went. Makes me a little sad.
She is my baby. I am so proud of her.
She is a good girl. She's so funny to be around.
I love to watch her. Listen to her sing when she doesn't
know I am listening.
I just wonder how 5 years could have gone
by so quick.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Don't ask me why I thought these little guys were cute.
Last night around 2:30am, Isabella yelled for me.
She had to go potty and was half asleep.
I got up.
Turned on the light in the bathroom and
it hit me.
What the heck was that smell.
It didn't smell like a skunk. It was to strong. And didn't even
smell like a skunk.
Woke my husband up.
Checked on my other daughter
who was still sleeping, just to make sure she was breathing, because the
odor was so bad and so strong,
and we had no idea what it was.
Walked around the house.
Checked everything.
It smelt like it was coming through the vents, the floor, the walls.
What the heck was it.
It was so bad that I got both kids and headed for the car.
Just at that time my hubby turned on the light in the backyard.
And there he was.
In the corner.
About 5 feet from the house.
Frozen. Scared to death.
Thank goodness that these guys were on the side of the house in the dog run.
I couldn't imagine if they would have gotten sprayed.

We would have really had a mess on our hands.
Although they do smell a little. Their noises smell from
stinking it under the fence. They were going CRAZY for it.
Which is why he sprayed so much.
The more they went crazy.
The more that little guy froze and sprayed.
You can barley walk out my back door.
His oil is everywhere.

So, the girls and I drove to my girlfriends home at 3:00am
and spent the rest of the night there.
Thank God for good friends.
Its better today. Right now.
But in lingers thats for sure.
Specially when the wind carries it.
Hope that little, annoying, not so cute thing anymore,
never visits again.


Fun Summer Days

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


from this wonderful blog. Thank you.
Last day of preschool is friday. These are for 3 very special teachers.

Time for a GiVe A wAy

let's do a give a way. perfect for summer.
a pair of embellished havaianas from sosobella for the little girl in your life.
just leave a comment, say hi and you'll be entered to win.
it will be the size you need but will be a random pair of one of these.

have a great wednesday.
p.s. i had so much fun shopping with my birthday money. i got 2 lenses. a 50mm and a 75-250 mm. i am so excited and can't wait to play with them. if i only knew what i was doing. practicing should be fun :O)
and then when my mom came over to visit, cut and color my hair she brought me one of these.
so. so excited!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a CrAzY week/weekend

The last week has been a complete blur. Last week of school. Summer starting. Sophia still in school, last week. Aunt Geri visiting. Deciding to paint my kitchen cabinets. Doing it wrong and having to start all over, from scratch. Isabella getting bit UP my a mosquito. Taking her to the doctors. Celebrating my birthday. Holy cow, its been a crazy week. Here are some photos to give you an idea of what has been going on.

my girls, what a wonderful birthday present they are.
that darn mosquito.

what a mess. but the finished product is going to be so worth it!
new knobs

how cute are these. found them here. they are my new kitchen cabinet knobs.
i L.O.V.E. them. can't wait to show you finished pictures of the kitchen.

hope your day is wonderful. off to spend some birthday money.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy Fathers Day Honey.
Thank you for being such a wonderful Daddy to our girls

Saturday, June 20, 2009

1st Day of SuMmEr

What a wonderful start to summer vacation. Its a amazing where the imagination of a child will take them. While little sister was at her last week of preschool, Isabella turned our living room into a tea party, complete with her tea set, table mats and hand colored name tags for the guest.
The day ended with a wonderful surprise from Daddy. Great take out dinner, a movie and some frozen yogurt. Thanks honey.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2 WoNdErFuL Teachers who will be missed

Its the end of the year and its busy. And with such emotions it makes it even crazier.
Because of the budget cuts this year, our teachers will not be returning to our school. Its way to complicated to get into but it is very sad.
They are:
and Strong
These teachers will be extremely missed. I can only hope and pray that it all works out and they will be able to stay.
Not only are they leaving. There are 2 kinder teachers who are just as wonderful and are leaving. It's sad.
But with all that being said, it couldn't have been a better year. The teachers were fabulous and the class was awesome.

Thank you Mrs. Pugh and Mrs. Curry
for teaching Isabella with patience and kindness.

ps. did you notice the shirts. more on that in the next post. so stink'n cute. the whole class got them.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just play'n around. Trying to make my Pictures bigger :O)

Bought this flower today. It's a Dahlia. Isn't it beautiful.
My Sophia. Hanging out by the pool after swimming.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I am so happy it's Friday

Just a quick post. So happy its Friday. Looking forward to having a fire tonight and relaxing with the kids, watching a movie.

I wanted to thank Victoria for sending me this picture. If you didn't know it by now I love, love, love Kaiya Eve Pettiskirts. Loooooove them! One day I was strumming through her website when I came across this photo. Oh my gosh, those are SoSoBella (my) flip flops. It was super fun for me to see them. So, I emailed the photographer, Victoria and she was kind enough to send this photo my way. Thank you, I know you are super busy.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Dream of Mine came True

Kern River
Camping Crew
I have always wanted to go camping. Something I have looked forward to doing with my friends and family
I didn't grow up having a annual outing and I really wanted to create this for our girls. And well, let me tell you, it was all that I imagined. I look forward to doing it again and again. Totally hooked. Nothing like being outdoors, one with nature. And the tent, it was so fun.
Kern River. Just beautiful.
Would have loved to have had a bathroom with a flushing toilet though. Maybe next time.

She L.O.V.E.D. it
The Kids
She L.O.V.E.D. it
Lets go Fish'n

Daddy and his Girls
Roasting Marshmallows for Smores

Kern River 2009
Man Made or God Made
God Made

Good Friends.
Good Times.
Making Memories.
Beautiful Outdoors....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Awh, I really want one of these

I'm alive. Crazy busy. Crazy fun. And getting ready to go camping. We are very excited. In fact Isabella is out of her mind excited.
The last 48 hours I have been obessesed with vintage trailers. I have spent tons of time loving these pictures (scroll down). I have researched hours and hours, Airstream travel trailers. I've went a visited a guy who has worked on them for 25 years. He had tons I was able to walk through. I have visited a few owners who are looking to sell. I want one. I have dreams of my family making great memories traveling, seeing new things, visiting friends, seeing Gods creation, all the land...oh I could go on. So cross your fingers for us that we will stumble upon a vintage trailer and make those dreams come true.

Here is one of Isabella's thoughts about camping. AND IT WAS ALL IN ONE BREATH.
Mom when we are camping
I am going to find a salamander
They live under
fallen trees
If I see a tree, I am going to ask
the boys to lift if for me.
When I see one
I'll pick it up.
It may be slimy so
can you
call Nancy
and make sure she has
her purse with her
when we go
because she usually has
hand sanitizer in it.
And I can use it
once I put the salamander
my box.
Then at night
I'll let it out.

It was great.