Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Awh, I really want one of these

I'm alive. Crazy busy. Crazy fun. And getting ready to go camping. We are very excited. In fact Isabella is out of her mind excited.
The last 48 hours I have been obessesed with vintage trailers. I have spent tons of time loving these pictures (scroll down). I have researched hours and hours, Airstream travel trailers. I've went a visited a guy who has worked on them for 25 years. He had tons I was able to walk through. I have visited a few owners who are looking to sell. I want one. I have dreams of my family making great memories traveling, seeing new things, visiting friends, seeing Gods creation, all the land...oh I could go on. So cross your fingers for us that we will stumble upon a vintage trailer and make those dreams come true.

Here is one of Isabella's thoughts about camping. AND IT WAS ALL IN ONE BREATH.
Mom when we are camping
I am going to find a salamander
They live under
fallen trees
If I see a tree, I am going to ask
the boys to lift if for me.
When I see one
I'll pick it up.
It may be slimy so
can you
call Nancy
and make sure she has
her purse with her
when we go
because she usually has
hand sanitizer in it.
And I can use it
once I put the salamander
my box.
Then at night
I'll let it out.

It was great.


Nancy said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! She is a hoot. :)

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Hi, just stopped by via The Farm Chicks...Love it ~ Isabella sounds too cute. Secretly I want one of these trailers too a vintage one of course.
Good luck!