Thursday, June 25, 2009


Don't ask me why I thought these little guys were cute.
Last night around 2:30am, Isabella yelled for me.
She had to go potty and was half asleep.
I got up.
Turned on the light in the bathroom and
it hit me.
What the heck was that smell.
It didn't smell like a skunk. It was to strong. And didn't even
smell like a skunk.
Woke my husband up.
Checked on my other daughter
who was still sleeping, just to make sure she was breathing, because the
odor was so bad and so strong,
and we had no idea what it was.
Walked around the house.
Checked everything.
It smelt like it was coming through the vents, the floor, the walls.
What the heck was it.
It was so bad that I got both kids and headed for the car.
Just at that time my hubby turned on the light in the backyard.
And there he was.
In the corner.
About 5 feet from the house.
Frozen. Scared to death.
Thank goodness that these guys were on the side of the house in the dog run.
I couldn't imagine if they would have gotten sprayed.

We would have really had a mess on our hands.
Although they do smell a little. Their noises smell from
stinking it under the fence. They were going CRAZY for it.
Which is why he sprayed so much.
The more they went crazy.
The more that little guy froze and sprayed.
You can barley walk out my back door.
His oil is everywhere.

So, the girls and I drove to my girlfriends home at 3:00am
and spent the rest of the night there.
Thank God for good friends.
Its better today. Right now.
But in lingers thats for sure.
Specially when the wind carries it.
Hope that little, annoying, not so cute thing anymore,
never visits again.



LuLu said...

Oh my goodness!! I can't imagine that happening in the middle of the night! Thank goodness for great friends! yikes i hope the skunk is long gone.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

This is my greatest fear!!!!