Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gone. Gone. Gone.

Instagram seems to be my favorite way to blog these days. It's like a mini blog for me. 
My instagram account to follow is sosobellatoo

All is well here. Summer is sadly over. Kids are back in school and SoSoBella Designs is busy, busy, busy. 

We have so many new lines. 
One of them that is my favorite is our new leather cuffs. 
They can be personalized to whatever you'd like. 
Here are a few samples. 

We also do keychains. 

And our newest line is our 
Do you have one word? Your word? One that you repeat over and over? 
These are simple and look great paired with just about anything. 

And one of our most popular in retail are these cute leather bracelets. 
Super cool. And fun to layer with anything!!!

That's what's new. I am in love with leather. It is my favorite. 
Follow us on Facebook. Give a ways, new pieces and quick sales are going on all the time. 

Bye for now.