Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vintage Feel Jewelry

it's getting close to the end of the year 
and i am filling orders for teacher gifts from many parents.
it is nice to see so many of us loving our teachers.
they are so much more then teachers. 


with that being said here are a few creations.

i am in love with the way these necklaces turned out
it's the vintage feel that i love

***aren't they cool***


and we love these
not only are they super cute
they stay in GREAT!!


**love these fun summer colors**

all available 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Teacher Gift

End of the Year
Teacher Gift

love the way this turned out
you can purchase here

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

it is teacher appreciation week here
and boy do we love our teachers
love. love. love. them
i am very grateful for who we have.
and specially this year. 
this one has been amazing. 
and when i say amazing i'm not sure that sums it up
for me as a mom, i am truly grateful she is our teacher.

love her


and this is what i got from my hubby yesterday
for teacher appreciation week

i have a husband who is thoughtful, kind and loving
and that makes me happy

if you are a teacher, thank you
i think in a way we are all teachers
and as maya angelo says it

when you learn, teach
when you get, give

happy day to you

Sunday, May 22, 2011

2 Front Teeth


and i love it

Friday, May 20, 2011

Non Stop

if spring break was a taste of what summer will be like
it feels like it has been non stop around here.
vegas was the beginning 
the girls had a dance competition  
so we packed up for a road trip

this kid LOVED drinking out of a can
i think it was her first time
i know......sad
live a little right?

this kid was ready

so excited 

we got there in decent time
they loved the hotel
and it WASN'T attached to a casino so it was nice

this one had her journal open and writing within minutes

it had been over 15 years since i had been to vegas
and i must say i didn't miss it 
it is not me
not for me
and i could careless if i EVER go back
recycled air
i like to open the door to the outdoors
i like sun
i enjoy a walk
not vegas
can you tell how i feel

the girls had fun
sleeping was kinda rough 
there's nothing like your own bed we say
but we survived
we were with great people and that made it fun
the pool was a blast
wave pool, lazy river, so much fun
didn't get any pictures but it was great
and from then on
we made the best of it

i can't tell you enough how happy i am they have each other
to have a sister must be wonderful

the aquarium at the hotel

love her facial expressions

good times
fun memories
but not sure i'll ever go back

now the craziness continues
school carnival
sosobella trunk shows
end of the school year things....
i try to keep things slow and steady around here
i am not much in to going here, there, having a crazy schedule
i think some of my friends think i stress a little
but really it's just me trying not to DO SO MUCH
i like home time
down time
don't get me wrong, it doesn't have to be quite and boring
loud, dancing, silliness, fun i love
 just not on the go all the time
it's just me
it's how i am
on the go all the time isn't fun to me
but for the next few weeks we'll go
we'll have fun
we'll get things done
we'll enjoy
we'll laugh
run around
and look forward to the summer days when going 
is an option

happy weekend to you
have a great one

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Love The Look

oh how i love this look

missing front tooth. i love it. 
my girl is still little
looking at this picture brings a smile to my face
maybe also because the second top tooth is ready to come
out as well. looks a little goofy. 
lllloooovvvveeee it!!

she had a school performance
it was darling
soo cute
so sweet
i am so happy we still have music in our school
it's so important
so wonderful
the kids love it and need it

happy wednesday to you :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Camp Cre8 - Summer Art Camp

It is our third year and we couldn't be more excited!!!

check it all out here

Sunday, May 8, 2011

celebrate, good times, COME ON

we celebrated another birthday here
oh how i love to decorate
and love to get ready
believe it or not, the craft for the party
was done days before
i usually pull things off the night before
but this was done and ready to be crafted days before

we set up and waited for the guest to arrive

paper bag scrapbooks was our craft

each guest had a book
a glue stick
a bag of photos of them and their friends
(provided by me, so they didn't have to bring anything)
cut out sayings
squares cut out from different scrapbook paper
heart shape cut outs
and a few stickers

they arrived and
we had a scavenger hunt

it was fun
no winners, no losers, just fun


then they got to work 
and suddenly it was silent

this crazy girl was doing a jig while i took a picture
love her
she thanks god every night in her prayers for her sister

they finished up their books
everyone of them was super cute!!!

we had a yogurt bar and
presents were opened

hugs, kisses and thank you's were given
and off they went

what a wonderful party
good friends and good times

a tired smile for sure
but a happy, fun day for the birthday girl was had

and the decorations stayed up for the following day celebration
mothers day
why not, right?

Saturday, May 7, 2011


shopping for mothers day is hard
my mom has most of what she wants
i've created jewelry for her
she has blinged havaianas
she's got it all
but today, walking around homegoods and marshalls
i saw tons of things that i loved. 
awhile ago, just to clear my mind
i'd grab a starbucks
and walk around these stores. 
just stroll. look. try on. 
get inspired. 
so today, after a our party here. 
i took off an strolled. 
this time, no coffee. 
but i found lots of yummy things. 

loved this print!! loved it!

and these steve madden's were sooo cool.

super loved these. they didn't have my size, otherwise i just might have bought them. even though i am not a heal girl. i'd like to be. 

this bird i should have bought!! may go back and get that. 

and these we darling. loved the zebra and the flower. they were steve madden's too.
l.o.v.e.d. em'

i miss those days of strolling. 
might have to do that a little more often. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Break & Mothers Day

spring break was rad
it was exactly what this family needed
the weather was wonderful
we hung out with great friends
it was laid back

the kids played in the pool

they learned out to paddle board

looking at this picture now freaks me out
she was out there pretty far

it was so awesome

we met friends for a bon fire and had smores

i'm pretty sure it was one of the best spring breaks ever!!


and to end our spring break we spent the day in our home town
took some pictures
and enjoyed the ocean

looking at these pictures i took reminds me again
how incredibly blessed i am to be their mom
they are 2 sister who truly love each other 
and us, their mom and dad
happy mothers day to me 


and happy mothers day to my mom

how lucky i (we) are to have her
she loves my family so much
we feel it 
she's strong 
she is a hard worker
has always provided for me, always
she loves her mom
 what a wonderful example she is for my girls
she's smart when it comes finances (i'm still learning)
she a good friend
she's opinionated, and we love it
she makes us laugh
she'd give you anything you needed
she's thoughtful
she's just great
and i love her so much

so mom, 
happy mother's day
i know you read this on your iphone
i love you so very much
my whole family does
thank you for loving us
your the best!

and happy mothers day to all the moms reading this
how lucky we are to be a mom