Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

it is teacher appreciation week here
and boy do we love our teachers
love. love. love. them
i am very grateful for who we have.
and specially this year. 
this one has been amazing. 
and when i say amazing i'm not sure that sums it up
for me as a mom, i am truly grateful she is our teacher.

love her


and this is what i got from my hubby yesterday
for teacher appreciation week

i have a husband who is thoughtful, kind and loving
and that makes me happy

if you are a teacher, thank you
i think in a way we are all teachers
and as maya angelo says it

when you learn, teach
when you get, give

happy day to you

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Kristin said...

So so sweet! Love this. You got a good one ;) xoox