Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Break & Mothers Day

spring break was rad
it was exactly what this family needed
the weather was wonderful
we hung out with great friends
it was laid back

the kids played in the pool

they learned out to paddle board

looking at this picture now freaks me out
she was out there pretty far

it was so awesome

we met friends for a bon fire and had smores

i'm pretty sure it was one of the best spring breaks ever!!


and to end our spring break we spent the day in our home town
took some pictures
and enjoyed the ocean

looking at these pictures i took reminds me again
how incredibly blessed i am to be their mom
they are 2 sister who truly love each other 
and us, their mom and dad
happy mothers day to me 


and happy mothers day to my mom

how lucky i (we) are to have her
she loves my family so much
we feel it 
she's strong 
she is a hard worker
has always provided for me, always
she loves her mom
 what a wonderful example she is for my girls
she's smart when it comes finances (i'm still learning)
she a good friend
she's opinionated, and we love it
she makes us laugh
she'd give you anything you needed
she's thoughtful
she's just great
and i love her so much

so mom, 
happy mother's day
i know you read this on your iphone
i love you so very much
my whole family does
thank you for loving us
your the best!

and happy mothers day to all the moms reading this
how lucky we are to be a mom


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Kristin said...

Happy Mother's Day Kristy - YOU are Rad (loved that ;) xo