Saturday, May 7, 2011


shopping for mothers day is hard
my mom has most of what she wants
i've created jewelry for her
she has blinged havaianas
she's got it all
but today, walking around homegoods and marshalls
i saw tons of things that i loved. 
awhile ago, just to clear my mind
i'd grab a starbucks
and walk around these stores. 
just stroll. look. try on. 
get inspired. 
so today, after a our party here. 
i took off an strolled. 
this time, no coffee. 
but i found lots of yummy things. 

loved this print!! loved it!

and these steve madden's were sooo cool.

super loved these. they didn't have my size, otherwise i just might have bought them. even though i am not a heal girl. i'd like to be. 

this bird i should have bought!! may go back and get that. 

and these we darling. loved the zebra and the flower. they were steve madden's too.
l.o.v.e.d. em'

i miss those days of strolling. 
might have to do that a little more often. 

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paige said...

happy mother's day kristy!!