Sunday, May 8, 2011

celebrate, good times, COME ON

we celebrated another birthday here
oh how i love to decorate
and love to get ready
believe it or not, the craft for the party
was done days before
i usually pull things off the night before
but this was done and ready to be crafted days before

we set up and waited for the guest to arrive

paper bag scrapbooks was our craft

each guest had a book
a glue stick
a bag of photos of them and their friends
(provided by me, so they didn't have to bring anything)
cut out sayings
squares cut out from different scrapbook paper
heart shape cut outs
and a few stickers

they arrived and
we had a scavenger hunt

it was fun
no winners, no losers, just fun


then they got to work 
and suddenly it was silent

this crazy girl was doing a jig while i took a picture
love her
she thanks god every night in her prayers for her sister

they finished up their books
everyone of them was super cute!!!

we had a yogurt bar and
presents were opened

hugs, kisses and thank you's were given
and off they went

what a wonderful party
good friends and good times

a tired smile for sure
but a happy, fun day for the birthday girl was had

and the decorations stayed up for the following day celebration
mothers day
why not, right?


Vickie said...

How do you make the books?

Michelle said...

SUCH a cute idea! How did you make the books?