Friday, May 20, 2011

Non Stop

if spring break was a taste of what summer will be like
it feels like it has been non stop around here.
vegas was the beginning 
the girls had a dance competition  
so we packed up for a road trip

this kid LOVED drinking out of a can
i think it was her first time
i know......sad
live a little right?

this kid was ready

so excited 

we got there in decent time
they loved the hotel
and it WASN'T attached to a casino so it was nice

this one had her journal open and writing within minutes

it had been over 15 years since i had been to vegas
and i must say i didn't miss it 
it is not me
not for me
and i could careless if i EVER go back
recycled air
i like to open the door to the outdoors
i like sun
i enjoy a walk
not vegas
can you tell how i feel

the girls had fun
sleeping was kinda rough 
there's nothing like your own bed we say
but we survived
we were with great people and that made it fun
the pool was a blast
wave pool, lazy river, so much fun
didn't get any pictures but it was great
and from then on
we made the best of it

i can't tell you enough how happy i am they have each other
to have a sister must be wonderful

the aquarium at the hotel

love her facial expressions

good times
fun memories
but not sure i'll ever go back

now the craziness continues
school carnival
sosobella trunk shows
end of the school year things....
i try to keep things slow and steady around here
i am not much in to going here, there, having a crazy schedule
i think some of my friends think i stress a little
but really it's just me trying not to DO SO MUCH
i like home time
down time
don't get me wrong, it doesn't have to be quite and boring
loud, dancing, silliness, fun i love
 just not on the go all the time
it's just me
it's how i am
on the go all the time isn't fun to me
but for the next few weeks we'll go
we'll have fun
we'll get things done
we'll enjoy
we'll laugh
run around
and look forward to the summer days when going 
is an option

happy weekend to you
have a great one


Janna said...

I hate Vegas too. But I went and married an Asian! So we go every few years, and for some reason the kids love it. Must be the Korean side of them :)

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i'm with you kristy. i don't love the running and the going all the time. i like being home with my peeps. just think a few weeks the craziness will be over and summer will be here!