Monday, November 21, 2011

Awh, good friends, good times-Christmas Photo Shoot

wham bam
that's what it felt like
6 kids running around
cameras going off, being handed to one mom and then to the other
placing kids, finding kids
laughing lots
so fun
so fast
so happy 
here are a few of what we got

just a fun shot
not using it but it was fun

awh, my girls. happy to have gotten a picture(s) with them

2 wonderful little girls

sweet girl. just beautiful.

brother and sister. sweet love.

love that they are in our life

we had fun. little crazy. little hectic. 
but tons of fun and some really great photos.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful Tree

our thankful tree
so happy to have created it

pardon the photos, they were from my phone
and they are not the best
but you'll get the idea

cut out circles
used a cup to trace them on there

we each wrote 5 things we are thankful for 

then we shared them all, one at a time

and then tied them to branches that we had collected in the neighborhood

it was fun
so, thank you bloggers and pinterest
your ideas are inspiring

Sunday, November 13, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

it's that time of year again
time to load the girls up in the car
go somewhere and take some pictures
i love this season, this time of year
it seems to come and go so quickly that
i try to enjoy and get the most out of it i can
so, for me
bring on the holiday music
bring on the cold weather
bring on the gratefulness
bring on the crafting
and bring on the picture taking

here's what i got yesterday
one kid was warm the whole time
the other was hot and cold, sometimes loved it the other times wanted to go home
regardless, it was fun and i got some great shots

and we are dog sitting this adorable doggie
so i had too, and with this kid being a dog whisperer 
i had to get a shot

fun. fun. fun.

Friday, November 11, 2011


oh for the love of pinterest
so inspiring
so addicting 
isn't it just great
i find myself doing it for minutes
and sometimes hours 
there is so much on there
from outfits to home designs to diy projects
love it all
but my goal this month is to pick something and do it
maybe a diy craft or a home decor idea
trying to decide.....
would love to do this

just might do it this weekend

and this

would love to make a holiday banner for our mantel
anyone wanna join me?
maybe a little snack, pull out some tables, some music and craft the night away
nanc, you ready?

paper doily garland too
that's on my list
and am thinking that would be a fun project to create and give 
wouldn't it be fun to open the door and find
a cute little bag full of a festive garland

did i mention the wrapping ideas on pinterest
here's one of my favorites

it's simple, love it
and i am craft paper junkie
and there is sooo much of it on there

love being inspired

have a great day

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Lovely Headbands

introducing our new lovely headbands
they are hand made and soft as ever
perfect for a photo shoot
wonderful for the holidays
yummy for everyday

yesterday i did my own quick photo shoot
and i couldn't be happier with the results
specially with my little blondie model
she was the best
here's a taste of what i got

probably one of my favorite photos 

they had so much fun
thanks girls for making our headbands look so great

all available at