Sunday, November 13, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

it's that time of year again
time to load the girls up in the car
go somewhere and take some pictures
i love this season, this time of year
it seems to come and go so quickly that
i try to enjoy and get the most out of it i can
so, for me
bring on the holiday music
bring on the cold weather
bring on the gratefulness
bring on the crafting
and bring on the picture taking

here's what i got yesterday
one kid was warm the whole time
the other was hot and cold, sometimes loved it the other times wanted to go home
regardless, it was fun and i got some great shots

and we are dog sitting this adorable doggie
so i had too, and with this kid being a dog whisperer 
i had to get a shot

fun. fun. fun.


Nancy said...

stop it right now. i am in love! you so captured your girls. exactly them. love the last one!:)

Jenni said...

we did the exact same thing this weekend!

your girls are absolutely beautiful! i love the spot where you took their pictures!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful girlies you have! Those pictures turned out wonderful.

Brooke said...

So darn cute :D Love all your shots!

Genn said...

oh my. ADORABLE.
That last shot is so FUN. :)

Daniele Valois said...

oh my. The pics are lovely, and that thankful tree in front of that gorgeous fireplace...oh my!