Monday, November 21, 2011

Awh, good friends, good times-Christmas Photo Shoot

wham bam
that's what it felt like
6 kids running around
cameras going off, being handed to one mom and then to the other
placing kids, finding kids
laughing lots
so fun
so fast
so happy 
here are a few of what we got

just a fun shot
not using it but it was fun

awh, my girls. happy to have gotten a picture(s) with them

2 wonderful little girls

sweet girl. just beautiful.

brother and sister. sweet love.

love that they are in our life

we had fun. little crazy. little hectic. 
but tons of fun and some really great photos.


Jill said...

all so pretty!!

Nancy said...

these are amazing and just perfect. we are thankful for you and your sweet family. xoxo

Life Happens said...

Beautiful family! Great pictures to capture the memories.

Kristin said...

Gorgeous!! xo