Monday, June 29, 2009

Miscellaneous post

Hope you had a great day.
I was able to catch up on orders and do a little shopping.
I went to The Gap. Found out that all their jeans are on sale for $20.00.
Bought 2 pairs.
All are sale but one, the boyfriend jean.
Now thats a deal.

Isabella. I was playing with a new lens.
She took this pictures. Pretty clear huh.

The new kitchen is coming along great.
Painting them makes a world of difference.
I can wait to shoot it and share it with you.
Remember my knobs I ordered
I secretly think I should have gotten them in a color instead of clear.
But, they are bought and half of them are on.
And they look great.
I just need one more thing to hang and it will be finished.
But first I have to find it and paint it.
Over a year ago I found this on a blog. I love it!
If this looks familiar to any bloggers out there, please let me know who it is.
I'd love to give them credit.
I wish there was a construction salvage yard around here.
Maybe there is. I should check into it.

Due to family changes, a winner for the flops had not been picked.

We will pick a winner tomorrow afternoon.
So say hello and be entered to win.


Jill said...

What adorable flip-flops! Love the sign! can't wait to see the kitchen! :)

Anonymous said...

Your sight is precious and endearing! would love to start following one another to network! i love finding other creative spirits! have a lovely evening!

Stacy Schultz said...

I love the sign.... Would love it in my kitchen... But Rob said I have to add the line, "But the King Does " cant wait to see your finished look..... LOL