Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2 WoNdErFuL Teachers who will be missed

Its the end of the year and its busy. And with such emotions it makes it even crazier.
Because of the budget cuts this year, our teachers will not be returning to our school. Its way to complicated to get into but it is very sad.
They are:
and Strong
These teachers will be extremely missed. I can only hope and pray that it all works out and they will be able to stay.
Not only are they leaving. There are 2 kinder teachers who are just as wonderful and are leaving. It's sad.
But with all that being said, it couldn't have been a better year. The teachers were fabulous and the class was awesome.

Thank you Mrs. Pugh and Mrs. Curry
for teaching Isabella with patience and kindness.

ps. did you notice the shirts. more on that in the next post. so stink'n cute. the whole class got them.

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Lissa said...

OH, I hope they see this! This will bless them! Cute blog! Lots of cute photos and color!