Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Over

Summer that is.
Everyone is back to school today. 
The house is quite. 
It hasn't been like that in months.

I like it. I like both. 
A quite home and a crazy home. 
I enjoy having my family around.
The signing down the hall.
The make believe conversations.
The loud music and dancing.
The playful, imagination when 2 sisters play together.
The doors shutting and opening.
The yells, Maaahhhmmm I need your help.
The movement.

I like it. 

 With everyone gone it give me a chance
to see what needs to be done and what I'd like to get done.

Closets were cleaned yesterday.
Well, one was. 
1/2 of it anyway.
And 2 full plastic containers came from it.
Clothes. Clothes and more clothes. 
I can't tell you enough how wonderful it feels to look
into a clean closet. 
I love it. 
Now if I could only get to the others.
I will. 
I promise.

Here are a few things we are adding to the shop today.

sterling silver and gold vermeil 
i love the contrast

i think this one is my favorite.
3 hearts
to symbol what ever you'd like
3 kids
3 passions
2 kids and a hubby
3 loved ones
whatever fits your heart
that's what the 3 hearts symbol
i love it. 

I'd love to give one away. 
Tell me 3 things that you love.
Three things that this would/could represent. 
Give a shout out on your blog.
Then tell me, and be entered twice. 

Happy Day To You


Ashley said...

I LOVE this!! I've alrealy ordered one necklace from you and planning on ordering a couple for Christmas gifts. Love your work!

I would say the three hearts would represent my 2 beautiful kids and husband! They are my heart!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

kristy! these new designs are soooo cute. i love the combo of the gold and silver together.

i really love the three heart one and for me they would represent my three kiddos, the two i have on earth and the one i have waiting for me in heaven.

have a happy day!

Tara said...

such cute stuff!!! my three little loves would be my two little firecrackers and my husband! love it!

carlisle clan conversation... said...

Love this...you are so creative! Jesus, the Hubby, my littles...in that order! Happy day!

nicole@http://theclarks-nicole.blogspot.com/ said...

I love the 3 heart necklace. They would represent my 3 children. They are my everything along with my husband. I plan on ordering a necklace soon. It would be awsome to win it though.

Shelley said...

Beautiful new necklaces! The hearts for me would be one for hubby, one for my sweet girl, and one for my sweet boys - our little family. Thanks for the chance to win, it's amazing!

The Clines said...

Beautiful! The 3 hearts would represent my 3 children.

andreaberg said...

I think the three things would represent my 2 kids and my dog (my first kid) or they would represent those that I have lost in my family: my dad, and my 2 grandmothers.

Jenni said...

Loving the contrast and that last necklace!

The three hearts would represent my 2 kiddos (Kyan and Lola) and my hubby (Chad)!

Anita said...

that's easy...Sophia,Julia, Clara

Becky said...

I love my hubby, son and daughter! :) Perfect 3