Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Heart Havaiana's around here.

They are pretty much our everyday shoe around here. 
Not all day, but rest assure that at some point, 
someone will have havaianas on. 
They are super comfy. 
And for me. There's nothing like a fresh pair. 
They are so cushiony. So comfy. 

So what'd we do to them. 
Added a little sparkle. 
Why not. 
Everyone should sparkle just a little bit

They are now available at 
Just click here to get yourself a pair

More colors will be arriving soon. 

the winner of our SoSoBella Dance Wrap is.....

this little crazy gal picked number 2

I swear. She cracks me up!!!

p.s. i had to share one our dance wrap customers.
she was rock'n our new camo skirt at her hip hop class!
too cute.



Robyn said...

We LOVE Havaiana's too! THEY are just incredibly comfortable! Happy to see you are selling them!

Jill said...

LOOOVE Havaiana's!!...but LOOOOVE them even more with some "sparkle"!

paige said...

my absolute fave too!
i think i have worn mine every single day...does that mean i need to branch out in my fashion a tad?
your little one is always such a cutie

Gina said...

Super cute! The one's you had on today, around town were great! Did you say they were a brown metallic? Any in size 8.5 or 9? We'll talk!
You looked adorable today!