Monday, September 20, 2010

Skirball Museum-Letting Your Imagination Run WiLd

Thinking outside the box. 

I tell you, this blog world, for me, is GrEaT.
A blogger, here, posted about this museum this summer. 
And low and behold, we went. 
We had a blast. 
It was a GREAT afternoon. 
The girls loved it!
and as a matter of fact
I think we'll go back. 

lily pond. it was pretty cool. lots of bee's at work.

of course mama's gotta take pictures.

this kid has the biggest heart ever
i'll have to share a dinner conversation with you soon
you'll see what i mean.
love her to pieces

ok. we're finally in.
every guest goes in with a 2 hour limit. 
it's perfect. 

this museum 
it is created with things.
example. the owl.


a instrument case. 
old work gloves and a cabinet knob for an eyeball.
totally cool. 
the entire room was filled with incredible creations.

and it is all interactive.
the kids can touch and maneuver just about anything.

this kid figured out that by moving this slowly 
it makes this giraffe's head move

pretty cool

they had an amazing walk/crawl around, around the inside of the room. up high, along the top.
they had a blast. 
and because of the 2 hour limits, there wasn't tons of kids.
it was perfect. 

after. they found a water mister. a heavy mister.
they giggled. 
and giggled some more. 
and got soaking wet.

sometimes ya just don't know what's just outside your back door. 
so venture. 
venture out.
see what is in your town that you've never been to. 
i betcha there's some really cool things that you don't even know about. 

Happy Monday To You


paige said...

what a fun venture indeed!
you are such a great mama
those beautiful girlies of yours are always dressed so cute

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

that museum looks so fun! wish they had one by me. :) happy monday!!

Gina said...

We are so there!!!! They are having a blast. The smiles say t all. Thanks for the suggestion.
It was so GREAT to see you today!

All That Jazz said...

Oh wow, as an educator, I can tell you that museum looks really super cool! You took some fun shots from your visit! ;)

Robyn said...

BTW, not only are your girls ADORABLE but I'm in LoVE with those orange chucks!