Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dance Wraps Directions & Photo Shoot

If you haven't visited 
SoSoBella Dance Wraps
go today. 
Take a look around.

We had a photo shoot with our new SoSoBella Dance Wraps.
It was fun.
Here are a few shots.

red camo wrap
hip hop or jazz 

pink lace. perfect for ballet.

we love our polka dotted wrap. 
with an added flower, it makes it much more fancy.

pink plaid. one of our most popular skirts yet.

and my most favorite photo. 
they were tired.
done and ready for a promised treat, frozen yougart. 

SoSoBella Dance Wraps

k. we are giving one away.
leave a message telling me what style of dance is your favorite. 
i love it!


Jamie said...

I think I'd have to say Jazz or Tap!

Great skirts, I'll have to send my dancers to your site-- I teach one night a week.


Genn said...

Oh those are just so cute! And your girls pose so well modeling them for you. :)

Melissa said...

My alltime favorite is contemporary. So much fun! But if you ask my tiny dancer, she'd say hip hop. She loves to shake it out!

Robyn said...

SWEEEEEET! I got my wraps today for my girls...they ROCK! I'm so tickled with them. I think my favorite dance is a toss up between lyrical and point. But I love tap and ballet too! I am SO in love with the jewelry! Tickled pink!