Thursday, March 1, 2012

What has been going on, in Pictures

girls got their hair cut
super fun
freaked out for a sec
then fell in love quickly

celebrated this kids bday
super fun

love her

took some new photos of pieces we create

 this is new too


now getting ready for the fun friend celebration this weekend
can't wait
starting today 
getting things in order 
and ready
seems like i always wait til' the last minute
but. but. 
i seem to always pull it off
it's just how i work


Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

awwww... the hair is adorable!! and I totally love your fabulous jewelry!!

about my collage- I wish I can say it was an easy task... *sigh*.
I made the collage 3 times in Picasa and each time I went to save it, the pics would shuffle out of order. GRRRR!
I got so tired of messing with it that I finally just copied/pasted each one from Photobucket. Fun times! loool

Heather said...

Their haircuts are sooooooo cute! I love the angled bob with bangs. Adorable! The new shop pieces are wonderful.

Lisawhite said...

Cute and great photos!
I enjoy my time reading your blog!

Gina said...

You create the best stuff! And that "10" t shirt we must have for my "10" to be in June! Be warned ... I just might have to copy UNLESS you make and sell!
Hope all is well! My Sofia wants bangs now. They are adorable!

Kristin said...

So much to love! Absolutely gorgeous Everything!! xoxoxo