Thursday, May 13, 2010

Playing Catch Up

and with my personality it can be a forever task. 
I tend to jump from one thing to another
from one room to another
even from one thought to another. 
so, i've just been trying to clean up and catch up.
also planning another summer with

Camp CreAte
summer of SpaRKle
more to come on that. 
we are So excited!!!!

We've wrapped up birthday season around here. 
Just have one more coming up soon....hmmmmm who's could that be
oh, ya, its mine.
and its a big one. 
i guess. 
i mean, it could be. 
to most it is. 
to me, i'm not sure yet. 
but i'm ready. 
what am i going to do, right?
embrace it. 
hope/wish that i was 10 pounds lighter. 
thats all.
i know that i will be on a little summer vacation
so that will be nice. 
with my family. 
who i love. and are super cool to be around. 
so, it'll be fun. 
for sure. 

here are a few pieces that i have been playing around with. 
mixing metals, colors, textures, i like it. 
what do yo think? 

They'll be listed here soon. 

Hope your week so far has be great. 
I am ready for Friday. 
Ready for the Weekend. 

Got any plans? 


Cole said...

I love these pieces. :) This weekend my friends and I are having an ice cream and wine party. Who says your ever too old for ice cream parties with friends? :) Hope your weekend is lovely.

Darlene said...

Love that starfish one. Weekend plans are busy with my girls. It's gonna go by fast but we'll try to have some down time.

Can't wait to hear about your big day plans. Fun times!

Nancy said...

I am psyched for the camp.. good times are coming and time to celebrate your special day! :)

Heather at All A Flutter said...

those necklaces are so great I can hardly stand it!! really fresh and fun. adoring the style of that starfish one.

have a happy weekend!

Heather said...

Oh I really love the mixed metals!! When do you think you'll be offering those on your website? Soon, I hope?! :)