Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Its always more fun with a friend

we met at the beach
we both had our kids
we both had our cameras
and we took pictures.
it was fun.
we laughed.
we got creative.
we fell more in love with our kids

isn't it always better with a friend
i think so.
here's a few pictures i captured

beautiful day.
beautiful kids. 
sweet moments.
captured forever. 
photos of them. 
being silly

it was fun.
and even better because i did it with a friend.


Cole said...

such a cute post! :)

Heather K. said...

Great pictures! I love the way you used the sun.

Life sure is better with a friend :)

Jill said...

Beautiful pictures!! sweet day! (love your new blog header too!)

Genn said...

Beautiful pictures! And even more fun with a friend. :)

Heather at All A Flutter said...

beautiful, beautiful photos! i can't get over how gorgeous those 4 kids are. seriously!

Nancy said...

What a great day it was! I loved every minute of it. thanks for the invite and for capturing the moments. Just lovely. Your new blog look.... oh my, I love it! xoxo

Darlene said...

Love your new blog look! And, those pictures are too cute. I totally think that all things are more fun with friends!

Tawny said...

Ahhh, such sweet sweet pictures! You got such great shots! The girls will cherish these amazing moments!

sotheywillalwaysremember said...

so cute, love the pictures. just wish i lived there so i could be there too!

Gina said...

Love everything about your new blog heading! And the pictures...GREAT! I took a beak from work to see what was going on in blog world and I am glad I did! But, now I want to go to the beach!

paige said...

you are so great
those cali-girls of yours are drop dead gorgeous
when they hit 16
ya'll better bolt the door