Monday, June 14, 2010

Bloggers Guide To Summer

Today starts my friend Heather's

"Bloggers Guide To Summer"

Fun ideas. Great giveaways. 
You won't want to miss it!
Be sure to stop by. 

Bless Little Nest

Julie from Joy's Hope is todays guest.

She's so awesome. You'll love her idea. And her give a way. 


Taking my hard drive in to a recovery doctor.
I thought they had recovered everything, 
Yah, not even close. 
Yes, I am grateful or what
was recovered but all of this year, gone. 
Kindergarten, and 2nd grade memories, gone.
And the year before, gone. 
Ok. Deal with it. 
Nothing I can do. 
People are tired of hearing about it!
Whew, ok, no more. I promise. 

* I forgot to share. 
I called Leo Laport, "The Tech Guy", yesterday, 640am talk radio. 
They put my call through. 
As I talked on the radio my hubby and kids listened to it 
in the other room. I sounded like a complete ninnie. 
Oh well, he did
suggest a few things, 
 an off site storage site. 
They have different plans.
Different storage rates, but for sure one of the highest recommended. 
I am already signed up and have already downloaded most of my photos. 
He also suggested to have many different storage sites. 
If you are nuts about photos as much as I am, do it now. 
Don't wait. Don't hesitate. 
Just do it!!!!

Go now. 
 Blessed Little Nest
all week. 
I'll be there Wednesday. 
Giving one of these away.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

Hi there!
Finally back from vacation and wanted to thank you for your sweet message. It was great to see you too and I am SO GLAD that you got all your pictures back! Oh, my worst fear and NO, I have done nothing about it! I will try your suggestions (radio star) and will check your guest hosting out as well.
Hoping you are happy and well,
Kristin xo