Tuesday, June 1, 2010

4 Day Weekend. Me Like!

What a fun weekend. 
4 days off. 
Time together. 
Time with friends. 
I got to take a class, learn new things. 

On Saturday we knew we wanted to do 
something but didn't know what. 

So we started off here. My favorite, favorite sandwich shop.

Then we drove a little bit more.
And ended up...

at American Girl Doll Store
It was the girls first time.
And they had no idea we were headed there.
and quite honestly neither did I until
about 1/2 before we left. 
It was great. 
They screamed back and forth when they saw the store. 
They were so excited. 
It was fun

Then we drove around Hollywood. 
Crazy fun.
People dressed up as characters. 
We cracked up. 
And had fun picking them out in the crowd.


We saw theaters.

and on the way home. this is what I turned around to.
2 tired girls who had a great day full of surprises. 



Heather at All A Flutter said...

what an awesome day! the look on their faces says it all.

Gina said...

So fun! Shouldn't every weekend be 3 days long??? We did some hollywood too! Hope all is well! School is almost over!!!

LuLu said...

Your last picture brought a smile to my face.... you always know it was a fantastic day out when you turn around to see sleeping kids.... ahhhhhhh time for you and hubby to talk quietly while they sleep all the way home!!!
happy June my friend,

sotheywillalwaysremember said...

Do you even know how much my parents loved, loved, loved Phillipe's? Oh my gosh, my mom had been talking about it just a few months ago. It was one place she really wanted to get to. I can't believe you go there and I didn't know. How weird that we didn't talk about it! I'm gonna call you right now!