Wednesday, June 2, 2010


lean on each other. 
encourage one another.
pray together.
love each other. 
laugh together.
create memories.
listen to each other.
hold her head in your lap when she's are crying so hard she doesn't know what to do.
give each other comfort.
be there for one another.
call on the phone just to say hello.
help each other.
you'll be glad you did!


oh how i love mine.
cherish yours. 
you'll be glad you did. 
they are the best. 

i hope the two of you are friends forever. 


my prayer is that you have friends, like this, forever. 


Nancy said...

I love this... I just love these two girls. I am so glad for our friendship. xoxo

ragamuffinbeauties said...

LOOOOOVE this! My bestie has a daughter who is also my daughter's age and they are also best friends! I just love how God shows His love for us through friendships!

paige said...

sweet post!
& YOU are one of the ones i always email....apparantly out to noreplybloggerland.... :(
you are precious xo