Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ready, Set, Go - Summer's Here

Summer has officially started. 
School is out and we are ready to have some fun.
Create some memories.

Going to see
her, woo-hoo

Can't wait!!!
Should be so much fun.
Someone's turning 40 in a few days, 
her yummy hubby bought her tickets for a girls night out. 
Pretty cool, huh.

Girls are reading and writing 
and loving it.
Yes, I know first day off and this is what they do. 
Crazy huh!

They actually slept in until 7.
Got up and looked for their new books.

They write.
A lot. I think they got it from their Daddy.
And up until now they have had little journals, here and there. 
They seemed to jump around from one to another.
Thinking I would love for them to have one special journal to start with
and continue with, I bought them journals, pencils and pens for a
a little end of the year gift. 
They love them. 

Got this note minutes later. 

Shopping for journals, oh my goodness. 
It was so fun!
There so many great ones. 
I could have bought dozens.

Here are a few of my favorites

All available here

Happy Summer.
Its here. I'm so happy.
Camping. Bike riding. Popsicles. Picnics. Staying up late.
The joys of summer. 

And remember my hard drive crashed, lost all my photos. 
Well the recovery data man is working on it. 
Going to be lots of money, but for me, worth it. 
I started finding old sd cards around the house. 
This was one of the pictures I found of the girls one summer.

aw, they were so young and little

**have you backed up your photos?
**more then one way?
Come on now. Don't let what happen to me happen to you.
If you haven't, please do.
Thank you.


Darlene said...

Happy B-day to you! Happy summer, too! The journals are so so cute. Have a fun weekend!

Melissa said...

Love the journals. We are a journaling kind of family in this little house. My oldest daughter has had a journal since she could scribble...they're filled with stickers, stamps, her first letters...I love them, they're treasures. This year her and her BFF are in different preschool classes so they're going to journal swap all summer. It should be a cute keepsake for each of them! Happy summer to you!

paige said...

that's so funny that you posted about their journaling...i jus tasked my oldest daughter ( 17) if she could print out some of the writing she did while in her advanced language arts class this year. some of my favorite treasures are some of the journal entries the girls did when they were ( and little one still is) in elementary school.
cute journals

happy early birthday

Ashley said...

Your girls are way to cute!!!! I just love to buy journals, I have about a dozen of them I should probably finish one then buy a new one LOL. I hope you don't mind another follower!