Thursday, March 24, 2011

Piano Recital & Thankfulness

things can change so quickly
can't they?
we've had a few here. 
and all i can say is thank you.
thank you 
for your prayers.
thank you 
for praying for me without even 
knowing what is going on. 
thank you
 for understanding my craziness. 
thank you. 
thank you. 
thank you. 

we are happy to see that things are getting
back to normal around here. 
happy to see my girls together.
happy to see me more alive.
happy to have the most wonderful husband i know. 
he is for sure my ground, while i am his kite in a wild wind storm (yes straight from bethany's mouth, i loved it)
happy to have some amazing friends. 
thank you.
and wonderful family. 
thank you. 
thank you Mom. 

**here's what we have been up to**

the girls had a piano recital 

practicing before we left, on our new little piano 

she's strong. 
and i am so happy God chose her to be her Daddy's daughter 


they did great at the recital. 
we were very, very proud. 

i thought this had gone.
i thought their friendship had changed.
but life changed and it took awhile for 
it to come back. and i can't tell you
how incredible this was to see as i walked by 
their room. 
our girls. 
who love each other.
who spend time together. 
warms my heart. 
who read to one another.
this is who they are and i am so grateful to have it back.

and this is my girl who loves her dogs with all her heart. 

i am happy.
happy to take one day at a time.
happy to get up in the morning and take a breath. 
happy to be able to hug and hold my family. 
happy for the friendships i have.
happy for blog land, to be able to reach out to someone i have never met in person, but know i can lean on them for prayer.
happy that i am trying to lead a life full of more strength and more faith. 

thank you.

**re reading this post i realized it's kinda all over the board**
and trying to keep the normal, normal. 


LuLu said...

Awww so happy to hear things are looking bright! My daughters take piano too and their recital is coming up!!!! Sending you warm sunny thoughts for this week of spring,

lmg said...

Sending you and your family lots of prayers! Hang in there in this roller coaster called LIFE!