Monday, March 28, 2011

Much Needed Day

After a very, very busy week. 
We had plans to visit the American Girl Doll Store on Sunday.
And it was just what we needed. 
The girls had money they had saved. 
They knew exactly how much.
and they had a great idea of what they wanted. 

love these girls with all my heart.

 they never asked for a penny more. as a matter of fact they put 2 small things back because it went over their budget. 

and yes, a little chicken dance came on in the parking lot structure.

and if we would have had more time. we would have definitely stopped here. it was a corner lot full of old props. 
i could have spent hours there i am sure.
next time.

and this place too. 
it just looked cool.

a fun day with our family. 
it was needed. 
it was enjoyed. 
it was great. 

1 comment:

paige said...

what a precious family!!!
love that those girls had such a sweet time!