Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seems Like Yesterday

I will embrace the time that I have right now. 
The time I have today. 

It feels like yesterday she got a new bike.

and now she's riding mine. 
easy. no problem.

a season goes by and whalah, you've grown.

what a joy to see the changes. 
the growth. 
and as i say it is a joy, i will say there is a part
of me that is a little sad. 
a part of me that wants them to stay little. 
a part of me that just wants to stop time and hold em'
just hold em'
hold em' lots
love em'
love em' lots
but i can't, so i will enjoy the changes (try to)
stay calm (try to)
listen (try to) 
hold em'
and love em' 


Nancy said...

There must be some common feeling in the air lately. It must have been the birthday circuit for the girls. I will tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing our girls grow up TOGETHER over the past 4 years. What a blessing.

Robyn said...

SWEET post! I feel the same way right now. My baby is getting way too big too fast! I love her 8 shirt btw!