Monday, October 12, 2009

Nothing like the Outdoors

We headed out to
see what our surroundings were like.

This was one of them.
Beautiful, isn't it?

We found a great amphitheater.
The kids performed for us.
We even found an MC, Jason.
Didn't get a picture of him, but he was great kid.

This was our first hill.


They saw a trail and off they went.
It was pretty big.

Their first hike.

Tired little girlies.

3 Great Dads.

Wild deer.

Just an abandon mobile home.
I thought it was cool.

The young ones of the group.

She loved it!

Amazing scenery.

Crossed creeks using falling trees as stepping stones.

These pictures didn't turn out all that great but her laughter is the best sound ever.
I had to post them.
Miss Darlene gave her a horsie-ride.
She l.o.v.e.d it!
She laughed and laughed and laughed.

I am so happy they get these memories.


Annual hike with the Dads

Off they go.

The 5 HOUR hike. Yes, 5 HOURS.

They took breaks.

They hiked up to the MASH t.v. show grounds.

What a proud moment.
Only a few falls, and a few complaints.
Overall, they did GREAT!

On the way back to camp they stopped off at a watering hole.
They said the water was F.R.E.E.Z.I.N.G.
But so fun.

They're back. Yay.....

And this hiker was tired.


these guys showed up.
Holy cow.
Around 50 fraternity boys from UCLA.
We thought we were in for a long night.
But low and behold they were great.
Never heard a peep from em'

Play'n catch with Dad.

Dirty and all.

Helps to have fun Moms on the trip.
Thanks girls.

This is us.

Crazy and all.
Great memories.
Good times.


Nancy said...

Seriously.... that crazy shot of us. I am laughing hysterically. Fabulous pictures. Fabulous times. So glad we do it together. It wouldn't be the same! :)

2Cool4myMinivan said...

Looks like fun - for the outdoorsy types that is.

thought fifteen said...

what a journey...I'm tired just waching...oh maybe I'm just out of shape...thanks...that was fun...

Gina said...

Girl (and Mom) Power! With some Fantastic Dad's thrown into the madness. What fun you all had. The more simple the better ... ALWAYS! Great pictures.

karen said...

Kristy-where did you go camping? I knew you'd love it-what a trooper without luggage/toiletries! Great pictures too.