Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Candy Ghost

Cartoon Ghost Clipart

Ever heard of him?

We L.O.V.E the candy ghost.
If it wasn't for him, Mama (I) would be
eating that candy morning, noon and night.
All of us would.
So, a few years back our friends shared
with us that they had a Candy Ghost.
Hmmm, never heard of that but it sounded fun.
He comes the night of Halloween.
(or a few days later, what ever works)
The kids pick out their favorite candies
and keep them.
(and as many as Mom & Dad say you can)
They put the left overs in a bag and set
it on the front porch for the candy
ghost to take the bag.
In return he leaves a little
non eatable, non sugar :O) treat.
Last year he left Black Cat Webkins.
This year they are hoping for
a Puppy in My Pocket. Something little, but fun.
They look forward to him coming every year :O)
Don't get me wrong. We don't give him EVERY piece
of candy put the majority of it, he gets.
And they love it!

2007 - 2 Adorable Dogs

2008 - Fifties Bowler Chics

Home Decorations

Have a great day.
I have a sick one at home.
I sure hope she gets to feeling better soon.
I feel helpless that I can't make her better.
But I can snuggle & cuddle, that helps.


paige said...

the candy ghost?
well who knew?

fabulous idea
& i love your decorations too

hope your little fells better soon

Momofgirls said...

I LOVE this idea! What a great solution to the "oh my gosh that Halloween candy is calling my name" problem!!

Your blog is so cute (so is your family!) Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

You know I love your Candy Ghost. Love her or is it him??? :)

SoSoBella said...

ya know, thats a good questions nanc. isabella thinks its a girl because it comes to a little girls house. and if it were a boys house, it'd be a boy ghost.
sounds good to me :O)

Darlene said...

Another creative idea from you, Kristy! I believe the Candy Ghost will visit our house next Monday night.

dandee said...

oh, the candy ghost. that is the best idea i've heard in a looong time!