Sunday, October 11, 2009

Right where I left it

Went camping this weekend
Only to realize once we arrived
MADE IT into the car.
It was right where I left it,
in our bedroom.
I couldn't believe it.
First it was, can you go home and get it tonight.
Then it changed to, can you leave early in the morning and get it.
Then it change to, forget it.
I'll manage.
And I did with a few pieces from the girls. Thanks.

Stay tuned for our camping weekend pics.
It was great!


LuLu said...

Oh my goodness what a trooper you were! You get the best mom award for sure! can't wait to see the pictures,

Iphigenia said... poor would have felt so devastated...makes you realize though that you can survive with the minimum...we tend to overpack for trips...hope you have a nice week and laugh in hindsight!!!

Gina said...

Oh no! Amazing how little we really need! A good sweatshirt, jeans and a pair of tennies and your good. Camping is the best. Hope you had lots of s'mores. Can't wait to see your pics. Tell me where you guys go. Have a great week!

Nancy said...

YOu were so tough. I was very proud of you. What a great time we had. Can't wait to see your pics... :)