Friday, October 23, 2009

I Like Summer, there's no schedule :O)

I like summer.
No schedule.
Family is all home.
Lazy days.
Crazy days.
I like it.
I am all for year round school.
Go to school.
Get some time off.
Go back.
I like that.

I was getting my pictures ready for
this post when I realized they
all were a little gloomy.
Not much color in them.
Funny, cuz that's how I have
been feeling. Trying to find a happy dance
somewhere. Maybe after I pick up around here
I will find one.

Anyhoo, we've had a crazy, draining week round' here.

Got a visit from him.
Girls thought it was so cool.
But didn't want to touch him.
me either.

Hatched a Caterpillar and watched him
fly off. It was cool.

Was out shooting pictures of jewelry
and saw this tiny hummingbird.

Now getting ready to take on the weekend.
Going to U2 with my hubby. Going to make
a whole day event out of it.
Should be pretty cool.


I found my happy dance :O)
whew....the winner of this over here
sent me the loveliest email.
she lovedher win and thats makes me do the
Happy Dance


Nancy said...

great shots, girl. I love the intensity in the girls' faces. enjoy your weekend. get your happy dance on.... you know i can bust a move or two for you!

LuLu said...

Are you serious you are going to U2! oh how fun. I had a draining week too. I need 48 hours to focus on house clean and feel organized the kiddos school schedule and everything else i feel like i am playing catch up all the time now!
hope you have a great weekend,

Darlene said... awesome!