Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Thankful Heart

She walked in last night from softball practice,
(her sister was sleeping, still not feeling well), and
again it hit me, She Is Growing Up.
Still young.
But growing, not in size, yes that too, another
pair of pants did not fit this morning, awh, but
she as a person is growing and its wonderful to see.
He has blessed me with something
so AwEsOmE,
and I love it!
Thank You.

Thank you to our boo'ers

We got boo'd a few nights ago.
Thanks Carrions :O)
Inside the bag of goodies
was a pumpkin whoopie cushion.
She was completely out of her mind
with excitement. We've never owned
one before and it showed.


paige said...

a whoopie cushion...too funny!
she is as precious as she can be!

ps-i love the girls costumes last year as 50's bowlers

LuLu said...

so sweet and too funny! my heart leaps everytime i see my kiddos getting bigger...