Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer, Oh How I Love You and Life Made Lovely

i originally posted one picture of my girl
in her cool new glasses 
with the title reading 
summer, oh how i love you

then after visiting 
my friend heather's blog this morning

i realized that 
these $12 jessica simpson aviator glasses has
made my life lovely

i've never linked up before to her
"life made lovely post"

but i am today

these glasses. 
make my life lovely.

we each got a pair

hubby borrowed one of ours 
but today i am off to find him his own

oh ya, a pair of sunglasses can make all the difference 
on a great summer day


and these just added to our etsy shop

all size 13 
so fun for summer!!
get yours now, limited quantity
and when they are gone, their gone!


Jenni said...

gosh, she is so beautiful!

theolivetree said...

Those are fun! My sister loves peace sign I will email her the link!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

hooray for linking up!!
summer + cute sunglasses = lots of lovely!! have a happy day friend!

p.s. you guys look super cute in your new shades and i'm loving the striped polish. :)

kinze said...

okay i am in love with those glasses ... i have been looking for a cheap good looking pair and i think those may be the ones! and so glad you found me! also i can't wait to check out your etsy shop!

Genn said...

Love the new shades!!
Everyone looks good in aviators. :)

Cute flippy floppies too.

sotheywillalwaysremember said...

Allison just bought those same glasses today at Marshalls! They are super cute. :)