Friday, July 22, 2011

Give A Way Friday & Randomness

happy friday

we are doing a give a way on our 
facebook page
just click to the right of this post
and enter to win on facebook



our neighbors got a new dog
could he be any cuter

we are lucky enough to be able to play with him
whenever we'd like

i took a class with an amazing. sweet. welcoming. funny. wonderful. artist

i created this

an old vintage bottle
soldered on top an old glass door knob
first filled the inside with wonderful goodies
soldered the round pendant

loved the class
the women were so nice
so welcoming
i had a great day creating

after we visited a salvage yard

loved the succulents 

and love that this girl showed me all the things
she knew i would love

looking forward to a wonderful weekend
got any plans?


Delaney said...

Checking out the giveaway & that pup is too cute!

Melissa said...

Where is that salvage yard?!?! I've been wanting to go to one sooooooo bad and didn't think we had any local.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh that puppy is so cute and your pictures are just great!! Gald that I found your blog!!

Kay Ellen said...

What fun!
Your girls are adorable.
It was so nice to meet you too:)

I need to go back to the salvage years with my truck soon!

Adorable Puppy.

Enjoy your weekend,

Kay Elen