Friday, July 29, 2011

A little Vacay - Good Times for Sure

we had a lot of fun
on our little vacation

*we stayed by the ocean
*visited the best zoo
*flew a kite
*went on a short bike rides
*visited main street in town
*visited antique stores
*learned card tricks and performed
*played games

had family with us
it was good.
real good.

lots of pictures about to be posted

so incredibly cool to be this close

love these people
a lot

thank you

love the concentration 
the tongue says it all

flying a kite
so fun
even if it was free
even if it fell apart before we even finished putting it together

a little crazy we are

best zoo ever!

we watched the sunset

and took tons of pictures

we had a great mini vacation

thank you


Lissa said...

what a wonderful vacation! You have such a gorgeous family and I LOVE your hair. Like seriously, I may take your pick to the hairdresser.... :)

Gina said...

Great pictures! We're you in Oxnard? It looks like you had a restful awesome time! See you next wek!