Friday, July 15, 2011

Exploring Something New

we had so much fun
the kids were great
the weather was wonderful
we explored
we visited
we played

these two chatted the whole day. 

they had so much fun

this little guy took the kids ball when they were playing baseball. too funny.


what a wonderful day
oh how i love those kind of days


Delaney said...

Jealous! Looks like fun!

kinze said...

beautiful pictures ... your age of kids seems so fun ... not that i don't enjoy the ages of my kiddos ... i do ... i just think it'll be a whole different world with older kiddos! glad your enjoying your summer! and i'm going to look up that book you told me about ;) also i was wondering if you sold the embellished rhinestones seprately for the havaianas?! love them! you can email me at ... thanks!

Rita said...

Bring the girls back!
Loved seen them interact with the dogs. Your are a great jewelry artist. Ciao Rita mammabellarte
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